You Are A Hidden Beauty Waiting to Be Discovered

You are a story made of journeys and scars and pain and there is something incredible about you. You may not see it, you may not feel it, you may not even believe it, but you are hidden beauty of the most incredible proportions. And the truth is, you need someone who helps you see it. You see, the wrong people, they would like nothing more than for you to never see how incredible you are because how else would they be able to control you?

Others will want you to believe you are less. Pull you down to their level and belittle you. They want you to think you are anything but the sun that you are. They pull at your flaws and make you believe how lucky you are to have them because who else would put up with flaws like this? Who else would be okay with your scars and with the baggage you carry with you?

Well I have news for them. YOU. YOU will be okay with the baggage you carry. You will not just put up with your flaws, you will love them. YOU will be the best thing that has ever happened to you or the worst and that is your decision. You need to surround yourself with people who have big hearts, big souls and understand you, and the hidden beauty you are. People who revel in your beauty, rather than bring you down. People who understand that you are a warm, bright thing full of love that needs to be shared.

Find yourself. Find yourself in books and stories and TV shows and movies and the night sky and the forest and the walks in the rain and everything else that makes you feel beautiful, even if it is for a moment, for a second, for a day. Then find the people who never let you forget that, who always help you shine.

You are hidden beauty. You just need to see it, darling. You just need to see it.

via You Are Hidden Beauty Waiting To Be Discovered — Thought Catalog

Cost of California Living


I want to move back to California. I have considered moving back for a while. My ideal location to live would be Silicon Valley to catapult my career forward. However, to make this a possibly I have to  do due diligence to gather information of what income I need for a substantial life.

Below are just broad references. I would look deeper into the details for the area I am looking to relocate to.

7 most expensive states to live in the U.S.

6. California
Cost of Living Index: 127.1
Grocery Index: 113.6
Housing Index: 176.7
Utilities Index: 113.6
Transportation Index: 111.1
Health Index: 109.7
Misc.: 106.2
The median home value in the sunny state is $429,000, and homes generally list for a median price of $425,000 ($256 per square foot). As a renter, you’re looking at a median rent of almost $1,900 and housing and rent prices in some California cities — like San Francisco — are among the highest in the nation.
Dinner and a movie for you and a guest may very well come with a $100 price tag. Basic food items, like milk, bread, and eggs, are going to cost you a pretty penny, as well. In San Fran, you may pay close to 4 bucks for a regular old loaf of bread.
Utilities, however, are not as high as they are in some of the other expensive states. In San Fran, you may just be able to keep your lights and water on in a small apartment for less than $100 per month. All in all, living in California is going to cost you. If you want to achieve that $75K standard of living, you’d need a salary of around $95,000 in California as of late.

Granted I would not be living in San Francisco, I would be living more East in a smaller city.

Cost of Living Rating

The cost of living in California (CA) is higher than the nationwide average. The average yearly pay in California is $57,111.00, which is higher than the U.S. average annual salary by $7,303.00. The consumer price index (CPI) of 249 in California is 6.87% higher than the U.S. city average CPI of 233. The sales tax is 7.50%.


In short, if I have the opportunity and a challenging career ahead of me, I should take it. It may be risky, by why not take bold risks to purse my dreams? Over the next couple days,  I plan on preparing a personal expense report with the budget I need to live an equally satisfying lifestyle as I do here in Boca Raton. I do consider BOCA my home, I have lived here the longest period of my life. Although cozy, I unstatisfied with my career.


The Little Good Things

I have recently taken a detour in my life, I got a job working at Orangetheory Fitness because I wanted to be a trainer for them. However, Orangetheory wasn’t the place for me, because it was during pre-sale before a studio was open. It was not a good work environment. Then getting a job in the car industry for Mercedes-Benz of Delray was a step up. It’s fun, I work with good co-workers. Although the hours are irregular, I get a late start work until 7, and also work Saturdays. I do enjoy tutoring customers on their kick-ass AMG’s. So I have to remember the little good things, that make me happy.

Like joy rides… err… I mean teaching the customers hows to use their car features.

Mercedes has this model that sells, the AMG GLE 63 coupe with a P3 package. That means it has all the bells and whistles. It’s one of favorite vehicles because it’s a crossover SUV with a spacious interior, gorgeous exterior design with a smooth curved “coupe” look (it still has 4 doors), and quality sports performance engine (that’s AMG BABY, the sound of this badboy ever so pleasing). So with all the bells and whistles, the P3 package has Distronic and Self Parking. Meaning, it has a high quality cruise control and the car will park itself on command.

I have delivered a couple of this within the last week and gone for rides showing the features and it’s quite fun! It’s also rewarding to see customers like the features of their car.


So that makes me happy when I am at work. I was also able to be added to the bonuses so for every perfect survey we recieve, I get extra money! If I hustle enough, I can be successful.

Futhermore, I have gotten back into running and enjoy running with Fleet Fleet Delray. I am glad they have early morning workouts I can get in before my workday. The store is close to my home and their running route is right up the street along A1A.


I can run with them twice a week before work at Mercedes. Workout with Gravity & Oxygen. I am seeing results they are a performance gym that focueses on different muscle groups per workout session. For example, yesterday we had core focus. I woke up today with a better looking and feeling stomach. G + O and some running with Fleet Fleet, I am one happy fafi. Not to mention they both have such cool trendy gear since the owners of both are my age… everyone knows I like trends. Like #PineappleRunCrew… with cool pineapple tops to wear while you run. Or G + O just has cool mustache tops and Movember workouts.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

Until nice time.


The Boca Chica.

Applying for a Passport

I grew up well traveled in the United States. Well, meaning I come from a military family and fortunate to have been stationed in beautiful locations. Born in the Philippines to my amazing and gorgous, breath-taking little mom, and my young handsome father who was at the time in his late twenties. He was an active United States Marine as a proud, hardworking man. We moved into the United States to live in: Texas, California, Hawaii and Florida.

I loved California the most. Hawaii was incredible, but I lived in Orange County and San Diego. It was just fun to experience that West Coast culture growing up!

But I have never really traveled outside of the USA since I moved here. I think it’s time I get a passport! One of my good friends plans on celebrating her 30th birthday on a luxury yacht rental to the Bahamas! I can’t wait! It will be in July.

I have to make a list of goals to do to prep for then.

  1. Get Passport
  2. Request Time Off from Work
  3. Save Spending Money
  4. Invest in a couple cute bathing suits, and boating classy dressy!

I want to be fit, fun, classy and happy to bring in my favorite Senorita’s 30th Birthday!

Yacht AMARULA SUN in the Bahamas.jpg

Anyways, applying for a passport is quite a little process. I found these fun You Tube video to show me how to take a the perfect passport photo!

Thank God for Jewish People

Dear beautiful, loving, and intelligent Jewish people. THANK GOD FOR YOU. Residing in Boca Raton for just about 10 years, I can proudly say that I love you. I have met warm-hearted, nurturing, ambitious, and family-oriented friends of the Judaism faith. Here is a list of 12 recognizable faces or celebrities that I adore.

12. Ivanka Trump


President Trump’s daughter, fashion designer, model, and intelligent role model. She converted to the Jewish faith via marriage. I strongly back that and want people to know that Trump’s own beloved daughter is of the Judaism faith. Just a little add on, I own a pair of classy Ivanka Trump heels that help me in my career aspirations. She is packaged grace, ambition, brains, and beauty.

11. Michelle Trachtenberg


One of the very first female celebrities I looked up to as a tween from Harriet the Spy.

10. Brooke Burke


Anyone who knows me from KWHS, (Key West High School), knows I love her. Compared to resemble her I watched her on Wild On E! I had a calendar of her hanging in my bedroom. She is Jewish by marriage.

9. Robert Downing Jr.


This past month I dreamt about him being one of my ex-boyfriends. I discovered this talented actor in the 1992 film Chaplin and did a class presentation on Charlie Chaplin inspired by his performance.

8. Anne Frank


Anne Frank touches my soul like no other. In middle school, I won a literature award in front of the entire school, for a project based on her diary. She is the embodiment of a pure spirit, who believed in the goodness of humanity despite her hardships and irritations. I distinctly recall her writings about her sister Margot.Growing up with a sister of my own, I can relate. The Diary of Anne Frank is a “testament to an indestructible nobility of the spirit in the face of pure evil.” Source here.

7. Harrison Ford


Han Solo, Indiana Jones…Patriot Games, Harrison is just an all around badass. OH, and he knows Princess Leia loves him – as we do too. Why? Because let me repeat, Han Solo, Han Solo, Han Solo.

6. Scarlett Johansson


Look at this Goddess. As an artist, I first saw her in The Girl With the Pearl Earring circa 2003, learning about famed painter Johannes Vermeer. She portrayed a maid at his household. Very famous historical piece seen here. She has become a very well-known actress, singer, and voice.

5. Adam Sandler


Happy! Happy Gilmore! “Why don’t you just go home ball!” Little Nicky, The Waterboy, Click, 50 First Dates, and That’s My Boy, are just a few of my favorite films starring this comedian.

4. James Franco & Seth Rogan


This a 2-in-1. Both hysterical. They make a great on-screen duo, particularly in Pineapple Express and The Interview. Seth even played a funny role in Neighbors with Franco’s younger brother Dave Franco, another Jewish hottie.

3. Mila Kunis


Previously the face of my blog, Mila Kunis flat out just rocks. As Ashton Kutcher’s loveable wife and mother to his baby, (one of the most beautiful creations), with her laid back and transparent attitude, Mila takes the spot in the top three. From That 70’s Show to the Jim Bean commercials, and Family Guy, Mila is a well accomplish actress.

2. Natalie Portman



Harvard Graduate, academy award nominee/winner and as an activist. Natalie Portman is one of my most favorite human beings. Oh, how I love you Padme Amidala. I dressed up as her both at age 12, as well as at age 28 for Halloween. Damn that girl can act.

1. Emily Ratajkowski




Emily Ratajkowski is now the face of my blog and takes the number one spot. Her mother describes her as a “feminist and intellectual.” She beat out both Natalie and Mila because Emily not only has resided in Boca Raton, but she’s a hottie and isn’t shy about expressing it. That is the way it ought to be. I support that, that is how I act as a feminist. Check her out in the movies We Are Your Friends, Gone Girl, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, and the show Easy. She also had a cameo in her younger days in iCarly. Emily will receive more fame as her career progresses. She is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

Until next time my darlings…

Love Relentlessly,

xo The Boca Chica