I Am Like Fire, And I Will Burn

Pietra SchwarzlerI am like fire. I am wild and emblazoned with color, every step, every sound billowing up around me. When I speak, the words leave my lips already sizzling. When I stand, the ground shakes beneath me, both fearful and proud of my feet. I am like fire. My hands spark energy. One touch…

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Billy Corgan, How I Adore.


We must never be apart.

In other notes, I have an unpublished blog from years ago entitled 1979, based off the Smashing Pumpkins’ song. I love that song. My love for them stays, after being first introduced to them via MTV many years ago.

Whenever I hear my favorite guitar riffs or lyrical tones, it brings me to a place no one knows.

A warm place in my soul that I keep for myself.

Thank you, Billy Corgan, for creating an intangible specialness that can only be express through music. Thank you for introducing me, really, to that feeling. That feeling only grows, cultivates with every experience in my life I have I find how someway your art has had a bold influence upon it. With you in town in San Franciso, I can feel it through the air. I cannot believe I am not there right now. Huge mistake. I want one of those posters… please come back soon… ❤

xo, The Boca Chica.


We Know Eachothers Wifi Passwords…

…He left a toothbrush at my house. Told me to not dress slutty for Halloween, but sexy. Told me what I would be most comfortable in. Cares about my health & finances. It’s safe to say I think it’s starting to get a little serious. I’m not mad at it. Not mad at allllll. ♡

He actually makes me quite happy. 


I Want to Disappear

Among the hills, on the trail. Along the route, viewing the marina. Around the marina. Up the hills, down the hills. Starting slow, speeding fast, building cadence. Going slow or running smooth. Running fast. Smoother than you’ve ever run before.

I want to disappear in the San Francisco city hills. I want to find the Golden Gate Bridge… and I did. I found it just as the sun had set, I saw it lit up at night for the first time. Just as I saw the Bay Bridge. Simply breathtaking. One of life’s true treasures is seeing a landmark for the first time.

The Golden Gate was much more meaningful than any other landmark because I was alone and running. And it’s symbolic to me. It symbolizes success.

I know how to disappear completely. In my own way, I find myself in me. Running with invigorating music is eerie and cool at the same time at night time. Especially in a new area, and new city. I want to move to San Francisco near the Marina. The best part of it. And I will drive a Tesla.. run those hills and bridges and win.

Win races, win my own personal glory—and that is how I will find myself. That is how I will find myself here in the Bay Area. I need to be near water. I have always lived near water. The Marina district is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The Bay is by far the coolest place I’ve seen. It’s because it’s sentimental to me. It’s a personal thing. I am grateful. I want to disappear, I know how I disappear.