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GamePlan A, a blog by Adidas with the tagline “We are creators, tackling work life with an athlete’s heart.”

Love it.


Billy Corgan, How I Adore.


We must never be apart.

In other notes, I have an unpublished blog from years ago entitled 1979, based off the Smashing Pumpkins’ song. I love that song. My love for them stays, after being first introduced to them via MTV many years ago.

Whenever I hear my favorite guitar riffs or lyrical tones, it brings me to a place no one knows.

A warm place in my soul that I keep for myself.

Thank you, Billy Corgan, for creating an intangible specialness that can only be express through music. Thank you for introducing me, really, to that feeling. That feeling only grows, cultivates with every experience in my life I have I find how someway your art has had a bold influence upon it. With you in town in San Franciso, I can feel it through the air. I cannot believe I am not there right now. Huge mistake. I want one of those posters… please come back soon… ❤

xo, The Boca Chica.


I Want to Disappear

Among the hills, on the trail. Along the route, viewing the marina. Around the marina. Up the hills, down the hills. Starting slow, speeding fast, building cadence. Going slow or running smooth. Running fast. Smoother than you’ve ever run before.

I want to disappear in the San Francisco city hills. I want to find the Golden Gate Bridge… and I did. I found it just as the sun had set, I saw it lit up at night for the first time. Just as I saw the Bay Bridge. Simply breathtaking. One of life’s true treasures is seeing a landmark for the first time.

The Golden Gate was much more meaningful than any other landmark because I was alone and running. And it’s symbolic to me. It symbolizes success.

I know how to disappear completely. In my own way, I find myself in me. Running with invigorating music is eerie and cool at the same time at night time. Especially in a new area, and new city. I want to move to San Francisco near the Marina. The best part of it. And I will drive a Tesla.. run those hills and bridges and win.

Win races, win my own personal glory—and that is how I will find myself. That is how I will find myself here in the Bay Area. I need to be near water. I have always lived near water. The Marina district is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The Bay is by far the coolest place I’ve seen. It’s because it’s sentimental to me. It’s a personal thing. I am grateful. I want to disappear, I know how I disappear.

Cost of California Living


I want to move back to California. I have considered moving back for a while. My ideal location to live would be Silicon Valley to catapult my career forward. However, to make this a possibly I have to  do due diligence to gather information of what income I need for a substantial life.

Below are just broad references. I would look deeper into the details for the area I am looking to relocate to.

7 most expensive states to live in the U.S.

6. California
Cost of Living Index: 127.1
Grocery Index: 113.6
Housing Index: 176.7
Utilities Index: 113.6
Transportation Index: 111.1
Health Index: 109.7
Misc.: 106.2
The median home value in the sunny state is $429,000, and homes generally list for a median price of $425,000 ($256 per square foot). As a renter, you’re looking at a median rent of almost $1,900 and housing and rent prices in some California cities — like San Francisco — are among the highest in the nation.
Dinner and a movie for you and a guest may very well come with a $100 price tag. Basic food items, like milk, bread, and eggs, are going to cost you a pretty penny, as well. In San Fran, you may pay close to 4 bucks for a regular old loaf of bread.
Utilities, however, are not as high as they are in some of the other expensive states. In San Fran, you may just be able to keep your lights and water on in a small apartment for less than $100 per month. All in all, living in California is going to cost you. If you want to achieve that $75K standard of living, you’d need a salary of around $95,000 in California as of late.

Granted I would not be living in San Francisco, I would be living more East in a smaller city.

Cost of Living Rating

The cost of living in California (CA) is higher than the nationwide average. The average yearly pay in California is $57,111.00, which is higher than the U.S. average annual salary by $7,303.00. The consumer price index (CPI) of 249 in California is 6.87% higher than the U.S. city average CPI of 233. The sales tax is 7.50%.


In short, if I have the opportunity and a challenging career ahead of me, I should take it. It may be risky, by why not take bold risks to purse my dreams? Over the next couple days,  I plan on preparing a personal expense report with the budget I need to live an equally satisfying lifestyle as I do here in Boca Raton. I do consider BOCA my home, I have lived here the longest period of my life. Although cozy, I unstatisfied with my career.


Ultra Girl Goes Solo

B is now training MMA/jiu jitsu, but he  awakened a passion in me for ultra running. Now that he is not training for ultras, I am on my own to train for the next one, it’s a up to me to look back and assess what I could have done better in my training.
Things I know to change:

1. Recovery 

I must recover smarter, and understand my own bodily needs; ice baths, Epsom salt, collagen supplements, visiting a sports medicine Doctor…etc.

2. Nutrition 
gotta eat better & cleaner! I may have a food allergy, so I have to look into that, or perhaps it’s just me not eating clean enough)

3. Workout Diversity 

Change up workouts 

I must lift for good strength & conditioning. It’s important to have a strong core, including glutes and upper legs muscles to be a good, and better runner

Also I need to do yoga, my body seriously needs to stretch its little muscles!

4. Support 

I need to make valid connections to like-minded people, going on the same path as me, to support them & also for personal good feels-not a lot of people are going to understand why I like the ultra or running over a 5k at all, but that’s okay, it’s my life & this is what makes me happy)!

 5. Aesthetics 

Last but not ast but not l, I am a girly girl, I still care about my appearance, I can’t neglect my hair, skin, teeth & outfits. With the right pair of shoes, a fit body, good hair—and a determined mind, this girl can do anything & so it will make working an office job better as a corporate designer!!

Also I am visiting the dentist to get teeth healthy & over time get invisilign.
***I am attempting to this all on my own! It feels good to be strong & independent! Yet, have support from my boyfriend & my father!  Brandon is such a wonderful young man who I am insanely attracted to. 

My dad as everyone knows, is just the kindest and more supportive man ever. I want to be strong for him, and I know he wants to start trail running once he moves to Virginia!! You bet I will be visiting him and running with him! 

Let’s do GREAT THINGS!!!***

I apologize for formatting and grammar errors. This is a quick jot using my iPhone! 

 Me walking my 4th lap during my first ultra, my knee was in serious pain!! But I was happy to be out there. It was beautiful and very fulfilling to be doing something so epic!