After two weeks of starting my new job, I finally made it out to SF (San Fransico) last night. I had to work a little later from home, finishing a graphic for work. I hope that does not happen too much at this new job. I was given start-up advice from a mutual friend who works for a motor company that was a start-up 10 years ago. He is also a designer and a hard worker. I am blessed to have connections.

Here I am in a new city, so I have a fresh eye and spirit waiting to discover this location. I am open-minded, however since I had to work from home last night, I was unable to enjoy my Friday night to its full extent. I made plans earlier that day, which was interrupted by work. Since it is my first month here. I do want to prove myself of being a reliable marketing and visual design manger but I need work-life balance. It is only healthy for my mental state.

I am a socialite. I need to get out every so often.

I was able to meet up with two people but I chose the smarter decision and met up with the one I felt safer with. Taking public transportation (BART) for the first time, and arriving in a big cold brand new city, I wanted a gentleman and married friend who I know I am safe around. I followed my instinct and have learned to always follow your gut.

Since I have such a fresh open eye to SF, I want to fall in love with it. So whoever I chose to be with, must be a healthy person. A healthy minded person and a class-act. I am a little bit wary or skeptical of most people. As I should be and have the right to be. I have experienced enough nonsense in Florida to know better.

I do want to make friends and I will join a marathon training group or running group when I sign up for the Napa Valley Marathon after pay day. That is a healthy friendship zone. I also can’t wait to find a good gym.

But back to meeting other people, I did sign up for dating apps. Gosh, oh my. Dating applications are so funny. But I have come to accept that it’s a good connector to meet locals in my area. I met some of my best girl friends through guys. Just guys who are my platonic friends of course. But this is a message for any guy who may come across this blog post, treat me right and show me that SF is a beautiful, hip, cool and sophisticated city. Do not show me something crude. I came out here with a fresh spirit and the world is my oyster. It’s a good chance and opportunity to show me good times! I expect nothing less than the best.

the best or nothing mb

Always the best. Remember chicas, as Mercedes-Benz’ motto says…

“The Best or Nothing.”

xo The Boca Chica.



My First Week in California

Today is Saturday August 19th, which completes my first 7 days here in California. I flew in late last Saturday August 14th into San Fransisco. Took a Lyft ride into Walnut Creek, grabbed Taco Bell and stayed at a Motel 6. Glamorous right?

Back tracking a little bit – here is my Mazda CX-5 being transported from FL-CA. 


The Motel 6 is right next to the Marriott I stayed at when I was apartment searching. The Marriott is very nice, but Motel 6 is pet friendly. It was only for one night! Surprisingly the cost was not that much of a difference either. I can’t believe Motel 6’s prices are as high as they are. I paid $120 (including tax) whereas with the Marriott it would have been only $30-$50 more for luxury and clean smelling sheets! However when you are doing a cross-country move, every dime counts.

First thing I noticed when I arrived is the weather. It was much chiller here at nights than in Florida. San Fransisco is actually quite chilly, due to a couple of unique features. Here is a link with images that explains why SF is so chilly.

However it’s different in Walnut Creek. The first few days it was around 60-70 degrees. Then later on during the week, the weather rose to 90 degrees. It is a stale, dry heat with no humidity and more wind.

First thing I did on Sunday August 15th was walk to Target and pickup necessities including an air mattress + pump, cat toilet + litter, food + paper/plastic utensils. Smartly, I packed a pillow and sheets. But I had to pick up a grey blanket at Target. So for the past week prior to my Mazda’s delivery, I have been living out of out my two suitcases with my two cats.

My car was delivered Tuesday! Thank god. It was filled with some boxes, which I need to remove soon. But the boxes were really only items in my closet that needed to weigh less than 100 lbs today. So I have some shoes, purses, random clothes, foam rollers, laundry basket, one hanging photo, and two holiday boxes filled with Xmas and Halloween decorations. In my studio apartment, I do not have much storage space to put these excess items.

I want to live more minimally which is progressing along. I did get rid of huge bulky furniture items such as my old bedroom nightstand and dresser. They are cute, but need to be refurbished. My round black table and chairs and my Ikea glass shelf and baskets. I really liked that piece. Also my couch on my patio. Two males picked that up and thought it looked like a Versace couch. That couch had a cool looking pattern and it was a gift from my Russian neighbor.

Going forward, I need to be cautious with my finances because California is more expensive. So in terms of furniture, although I look at beautiful Z-Gallerie and Restoration Hardware pieces, perhaps I should take a closer look at cheaper items online and at Ikea, Wayfair etc. I live in a very modern looking home, it wouldn’t be too bad to have a cool platform bed. Plus when I relocate again, it may be okay to dispose of less expensive items.

About food, I went to Whole Foods last night and spent $72, which I possibly could find similar non GMO foods elsewhere for less money. I am in California, there is a lot of decent non GMO health foods. I did get tasty organic Strawberries from Target. YUM. Target also had fresh pre-made salads and wraps. I grabbed a cranberry, feta cheese (or goat), strawberry balsamic salad and it tasted delectable.

I have heard that the water on tap here is cleaner. I have been drinking it! It tastes good, I will do more research to ensure it is safe to drink over time. If it is, that will also be a good frugal choice. I will use a glass container and drink tap water. Perhaps a large glass container and put it in the fridge.

I also have been hearing rituals of drinking warmer water and how it is better for you. That is topic to be researched as well.

For fitness, I have looked at Walnut Creek downtown’s new Orangetheory Fitness. I stopped in walking downtown, to inquire about the membership prices. There’s also a FlyWheel cycle studio with tons of other places to look into including yoga, CrossFit, etc. Also there is the Iron Horse trail nearby along with Mt. Diablo for hiking. An idea would to be to purchase passes at different gyms, instead of a membership. The passes have a longer time to expire and I could switch it up. There is a decent gym at the place I dwell with nice new equipment. Including some of my favorite items: a TRX strap, kettlebells and battle ropes. YES! Plus the view on the treadmill of the pool patio and elevated outside landscape is stunning.

Rent is costly, taxes are higher and I have to adjust to this all since I am an independent woman living near Silicon Valley/San Fransisco, CA. One of the highest cost of living areas in the United States.

To be honest, I am scared. I am terrified to live here on my my own and stressed with my finances. I am just starting off and I have not even gotten my first pay check. So I will take it one day at a time. Must have patience.

Article on 54 Ways to Save Money.

Below is a picture I took walking in Walnut Creek.



Gratitude Attitude

Happy Forth of July 2017!

Let’s be happy together!

I want you to write out a list of 10 recent  occasions that made you feel good. Here is  mine:

1. Finding a better job, I am excited to get back to working in a career and following my passion of graphic design and marketing communications with a wireless technology company.

2. Seeing my little niece Valerie right before her 6 month birthday. She’s an angel and a blessing from God.

3. Spending time with my mom, listening to her words of wisdom. Thank goodness for her strength and hard working persistence as a independent woman who has raised 3 children.

4. Eating delicious homemade meals at DeeJay’s house with my niece, mom, sister, brother, Daniel (brother-in-law), and DeeJay too. It was nice to see everyone and see how happy everyone was together. My sister and I had a little selfie photo session. She’s so beautiful.

5. Going to pick up delicious wine with my brother-in-law and him picking out a nice Cabernet Sauvignon with Ben Franklin on the label called The Federalist! I learned he’s quite the intelligent man. I’m glad my sister picked a good husband .


6.  Driving safely home to see how much my darling cats missed me. It was such a delight to come home to two fur balls who  ate all the food I left out for them (LOL), but displayed adoring affection towards me.

7. Coming to Northern Virginia to see my pops! It’s so nice to spend time with my Dad. He’s so cool and active. I was raised by him, so we had a week of adventures planned.

8. Seeing D.C. for the first time with my Dad. It was both of our first times seeing it. Let me tell ya, I kept joking about seeing the Washington Monument because it’s where Forrest Gump reunited with Jenny in Forrest Gump. Also seeing the Lincoln Memorial’s immense size was breathtaking. It was spectacular.

9. Going hiking on a novice trail in the Shenandoah National Park. It was quite fun! My father and I did approximately 5.5 miles through Piney Branch Trail and the Appalachian Trail (AT). It was awesome to do some up hill and down hill slopes on the AT. We ran into a some through hikers too! Now that was cool! (Through-hikers are people who set out to hike the entire AT which runs from Springer Mountian, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine. It can take approximately 6 months [I would like to do a through-hike one day]).

10. Spending the Fourth of July with my Dad. It’s one of his favorite holidays and it’s nice weather in Virginia. I simply enjoy having a nice brunch with my father, whilst drinking coffee, eating homemade breakfast potatoes (my dad makes them phenomenally well), and drinking out of a Boston Red Sox cup. He is drinking out of a Patriots one.

11. I also happy for my dad to teach me things about the trail, how to read maps, what trailheads are, how read trail markers,  and trail blazes (rectangular colored paint markers on trees).

I am grateful and happy for all of this amazing recent occasions.

Now anyone who is reading this please feel free to stop and do a short list of recent summer events that have made you feel happy, and a short description. Writing is good for the soul, we well as taking time to remember the little things that make you smile!

xo, Kristen

I Want A Golden Retriever

I want a Golden Retriever. I just adore them. My father’s love for Golden Retrievers has grown on me. I adore dogs. I love them. I do. They are so friendly, playful and joyous. Happy to see you when you come home. When you are home they provide companionship. Golden Retrievers are special.

They are cute as pups, snuggly and warm, and originally bred to spend hours with hunters in duck blinds, the Golden Retriever evolved to be very people-oriented. Wants physical contact often as possible, and enjoys to lay at their human’s feet during dinner, as well as follow us room to room to maintain contact.


Just imagine that kind of delightful admiration from a little furball?

They grow up to be great with people, active, and just simply beautiful. Check out these photos on the internet I’ve found that sincerely capture my heart. What a dream it would be to live in California, with a little Golden Retriever buddy.

(Don’t tell the girls – my cats).

walnut-creek-goldenSource: Walk, Train, Love: Complete Canine Services

You Are A Hidden Beauty Waiting to Be Discovered

You are a story made of journeys and scars and pain and there is something incredible about you. You may not see it, you may not feel it, you may not even believe it, but you are hidden beauty of the most incredible proportions. And the truth is, you need someone who helps you see it. You see, the wrong people, they would like nothing more than for you to never see how incredible you are because how else would they be able to control you?

Others will want you to believe you are less. Pull you down to their level and belittle you. They want you to think you are anything but the sun that you are. They pull at your flaws and make you believe how lucky you are to have them because who else would put up with flaws like this? Who else would be okay with your scars and with the baggage you carry with you?

Well I have news for them. YOU. YOU will be okay with the baggage you carry. You will not just put up with your flaws, you will love them. YOU will be the best thing that has ever happened to you or the worst and that is your decision. You need to surround yourself with people who have big hearts, big souls and understand you, and the hidden beauty you are. People who revel in your beauty, rather than bring you down. People who understand that you are a warm, bright thing full of love that needs to be shared.

Find yourself. Find yourself in books and stories and TV shows and movies and the night sky and the forest and the walks in the rain and everything else that makes you feel beautiful, even if it is for a moment, for a second, for a day. Then find the people who never let you forget that, who always help you shine.

You are hidden beauty. You just need to see it, darling. You just need to see it.

via You Are Hidden Beauty Waiting To Be Discovered — Thought Catalog

Ultra Girl Goes Solo

B is now training MMA/jiu jitsu, but he  awakened a passion in me for ultra running. Now that he is not training for ultras, I am on my own to train for the next one, it’s a up to me to look back and assess what I could have done better in my training.
Things I know to change:

1. Recovery 

I must recover smarter, and understand my own bodily needs; ice baths, Epsom salt, collagen supplements, visiting a sports medicine Doctor…etc.

2. Nutrition 
gotta eat better & cleaner! I may have a food allergy, so I have to look into that, or perhaps it’s just me not eating clean enough)

3. Workout Diversity 

Change up workouts 

I must lift for good strength & conditioning. It’s important to have a strong core, including glutes and upper legs muscles to be a good, and better runner

Also I need to do yoga, my body seriously needs to stretch its little muscles!

4. Support 

I need to make valid connections to like-minded people, going on the same path as me, to support them & also for personal good feels-not a lot of people are going to understand why I like the ultra or running over a 5k at all, but that’s okay, it’s my life & this is what makes me happy)!

 5. Aesthetics 

Last but not ast but not l, I am a girly girl, I still care about my appearance, I can’t neglect my hair, skin, teeth & outfits. With the right pair of shoes, a fit body, good hair—and a determined mind, this girl can do anything & so it will make working an office job better as a corporate designer!!

Also I am visiting the dentist to get teeth healthy & over time get invisilign.
***I am attempting to this all on my own! It feels good to be strong & independent! Yet, have support from my boyfriend & my father!  Brandon is such a wonderful young man who I am insanely attracted to. 

My dad as everyone knows, is just the kindest and more supportive man ever. I want to be strong for him, and I know he wants to start trail running once he moves to Virginia!! You bet I will be visiting him and running with him! 

Let’s do GREAT THINGS!!!***

I apologize for formatting and grammar errors. This is a quick jot using my iPhone! 

 Me walking my 4th lap during my first ultra, my knee was in serious pain!! But I was happy to be out there. It was beautiful and very fulfilling to be doing something so epic!