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GamePlan A, a blog by Adidas with the tagline “We are creators, tackling work life with an athlete’s heart.”

Love it.


I Want to Disappear

Among the hills, on the trail. Along the route, viewing the marina. Around the marina. Up the hills, down the hills. Starting slow, speeding fast, building cadence. Going slow or running smooth. Running fast. Smoother than you’ve ever run before.

I want to disappear in the San Francisco city hills. I want to find the Golden Gate Bridge… and I did. I found it just as the sun had set, I saw it lit up at night for the first time. Just as I saw the Bay Bridge. Simply breathtaking. One of life’s true treasures is seeing a landmark for the first time.

The Golden Gate was much more meaningful than any other landmark because I was alone and running. And it’s symbolic to me. It symbolizes success.

I know how to disappear completely. In my own way, I find myself in me. Running with invigorating music is eerie and cool at the same time at night time. Especially in a new area, and new city. I want to move to San Francisco near the Marina. The best part of it. And I will drive a Tesla.. run those hills and bridges and win.

Win races, win my own personal glory—and that is how I will find myself. That is how I will find myself here in the Bay Area. I need to be near water. I have always lived near water. The Marina district is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The Bay is by far the coolest place I’ve seen. It’s because it’s sentimental to me. It’s a personal thing. I am grateful. I want to disappear, I know how I disappear.

The Little Good Things

I have recently taken a detour in my life, I got a job working at Orangetheory Fitness because I wanted to be a trainer for them. However, Orangetheory wasn’t the place for me, because it was during pre-sale before a studio was open. It was not a good work environment. Then getting a job in the car industry for Mercedes-Benz of Delray was a step up. It’s fun, I work with good co-workers. Although the hours are irregular, I get a late start work until 7, and also work Saturdays. I do enjoy tutoring customers on their kick-ass AMG’s. So I have to remember the little good things, that make me happy.

Like joy rides… err… I mean teaching the customers hows to use their car features.

Mercedes has this model that sells, the AMG GLE 63 coupe with a P3 package. That means it has all the bells and whistles. It’s one of favorite vehicles because it’s a crossover SUV with a spacious interior, gorgeous exterior design with a smooth curved “coupe” look (it still has 4 doors), and quality sports performance engine (that’s AMG BABY, the sound of this badboy ever so pleasing). So with all the bells and whistles, the P3 package has Distronic and Self Parking. Meaning, it has a high quality cruise control and the car will park itself on command.

I have delivered a couple of this within the last week and gone for rides showing the features and it’s quite fun! It’s also rewarding to see customers like the features of their car.


So that makes me happy when I am at work. I was also able to be added to the bonuses so for every perfect survey we recieve, I get extra money! If I hustle enough, I can be successful.

Futhermore, I have gotten back into running and enjoy running with Fleet Fleet Delray. I am glad they have early morning workouts I can get in before my workday. The store is close to my home and their running route is right up the street along A1A.


I can run with them twice a week before work at Mercedes. Workout with Gravity & Oxygen. I am seeing results they are a performance gym that focueses on different muscle groups per workout session. For example, yesterday we had core focus. I woke up today with a better looking and feeling stomach. G + O and some running with Fleet Fleet, I am one happy fafi. Not to mention they both have such cool trendy gear since the owners of both are my age… everyone knows I like trends. Like #PineappleRunCrew… with cool pineapple tops to wear while you run. Or G + O just has cool mustache tops and Movember workouts.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

Until nice time.


The Boca Chica.

14 Signs That Someone You Know Is Addicted To Running

How do you know if someone is a runner? I mean, if you don’t already know, you might just be living on that new planet.

Here’s how you can tell if you’re not sure:

  • Runners will chatter incessantly about which route is the hilliest or which road has the meanest dogs or which streets to avoid if you don’t want to have to pause your GPS watch.
  • Instead of lunch, they’ll do RUNCH and maybe have a smoothie and a bar afterwards (see below).
  • Their social media is full of the following types of posts: selfies of them on the road, on the trail and on the ‘mill; inspirational quotes and pictures; descriptions of their runs; mileage; pace….
  • They might disappear for hours on end, early in the day on Saturdays and Sundays and come back home sweaty, tired, grumpy—and happy.
  • The closets of runners might actually have more running clothes than work or casual clothes. These clothes may or may not be organized by color, sleeve-length, season and technical-ness, The others may just be in a big pile in the middle of the floor. If you are married to a runner, find another closet.
  • The sheer amount of tech talk by runners is astounding. Many will have several watches and activity trackers—Fitbits, Garmins, Suuntos, Vivos, Milestone Pods. Timex’s…and use every single one of them.
  • Those who do a lot of trail running are unabashed about popping a squat anywhere. There’s a lot of coffee and bodily function stories amongst runners in general, so if you’re new to running—DON’T BE ALARMED. This is completely normal.
  • There may be more powders and packets in the pantry than canned goods or oatmeal. From Hammer to Carbo Pro, GU Brew and Nuun, they’ve got the electrolyte imbalances of the entire neighborhood covered.
  • The shoe collection. That is all.
  • If they’re injured, you will NEVER hear the end of it. Not being able to run is akin to the end of the world, basically.
  • They may have no money right after payday because they might have accidentally signed up for their entire year of racing in one fell swoop on Ultrasignup or Active.
  • They’re typically happy people, but annoyingly so. You know the type—overly perky in the morning, even without caffeine, bouncy and giggly, too energetic. UGH! The nerve.
  • They may also do none of the above and simply go for a run whenever they want, basking in the glow of endorphins.

So if you have a hunch that someone is a runner, you should definitely go and investigate. Throw on some running clothes, meet them at o-dark thirty in the morning and see what this running business is all about. And then prepare to clear your pantry of food and your closet of work clothes. You’ll have a new habit to attend to.


Ultra Girl Goes Solo

B is now training MMA/jiu jitsu, but he  awakened a passion in me for ultra running. Now that he is not training for ultras, I am on my own to train for the next one, it’s a up to me to look back and assess what I could have done better in my training.
Things I know to change:

1. Recovery 

I must recover smarter, and understand my own bodily needs; ice baths, Epsom salt, collagen supplements, visiting a sports medicine Doctor…etc.

2. Nutrition 
gotta eat better & cleaner! I may have a food allergy, so I have to look into that, or perhaps it’s just me not eating clean enough)

3. Workout Diversity 

Change up workouts 

I must lift for good strength & conditioning. It’s important to have a strong core, including glutes and upper legs muscles to be a good, and better runner

Also I need to do yoga, my body seriously needs to stretch its little muscles!

4. Support 

I need to make valid connections to like-minded people, going on the same path as me, to support them & also for personal good feels-not a lot of people are going to understand why I like the ultra or running over a 5k at all, but that’s okay, it’s my life & this is what makes me happy)!

 5. Aesthetics 

Last but not ast but not l, I am a girly girl, I still care about my appearance, I can’t neglect my hair, skin, teeth & outfits. With the right pair of shoes, a fit body, good hair—and a determined mind, this girl can do anything & so it will make working an office job better as a corporate designer!!

Also I am visiting the dentist to get teeth healthy & over time get invisilign.
***I am attempting to this all on my own! It feels good to be strong & independent! Yet, have support from my boyfriend & my father!  Brandon is such a wonderful young man who I am insanely attracted to. 

My dad as everyone knows, is just the kindest and more supportive man ever. I want to be strong for him, and I know he wants to start trail running once he moves to Virginia!! You bet I will be visiting him and running with him! 

Let’s do GREAT THINGS!!!***

I apologize for formatting and grammar errors. This is a quick jot using my iPhone! 

 Me walking my 4th lap during my first ultra, my knee was in serious pain!! But I was happy to be out there. It was beautiful and very fulfilling to be doing something so epic!

The Boca Chica’s Journey to Super Fit

After a nutrition seminar hosted by Shane Eslahi, IFBB Pro, and Orange Theory Manager/trainer, I have learned more detailed information on proper fitness nutrition. I am now starting my journey to super fit, with proper nutrition. After all, only 20% is training, whereas 80% is nutrition.

According to Shane, I should have 1.25-1.5 grams/lb of weight, of protein a day, that’s about 115 g daily, and 1,430 calories a day.

I plan on starting natural. No fat burners, or pre workout enhancers – just yet. I may try Cardio Burn, which both Shane and his girlfriend Kelly use from Muscle Sport. But first, the only supplements will be vitamins & protein powder.

I also downloaded the iOS app. “My Fitness Pal,” to log all my meals and snacks. I know I will not be able to keep to with it daily, but I will log until I get into the automatic practice without it.

The app shows an informative and detailed breakdown of your daily intake of carbs, fats & protein. Starting today, I am eating a pretty balanced diet. But I think in order to meet my fitness goals I need to stick to a more strict regime.

Now, I would like to up my protein intake because protein cannot be stored, if you eat excess, it just passes. I also need to watch my carbohydrate intake of sugars, starches & grain . That means cutting my fruit to a minimum, only good berries, and bananas in moderation and no juices. Also, I will drink at least 1 gallon of water daily. I think I already had that one covered! Also, no alcoholic beverages whatsoever. Sober living does do the mind & body well.

First Day Calorie Breakdown
March 2, 2014


Breathing Lessons: Key to a Smaller Waist and Sharper Mind

Breathing Lessons 

The key to a smaller waist and a sharper mind might be learning to inhale.


Who hasn’t been annoyed by the advice—usually offered when a shot of tequila or a Xanax would be more welcome—to just take a deep breath? But it turns out there might be something to that recommendation. According to Jill Miller, the creator of the Yoga Tune Up program at Equinox, exercising your breathing muscles—namely, the diaphragm and intercostals—can not only chill you out but also improve your physique. A perfect inhalation, Miller says, reaches all the way down to the lower lungs, puffing out the belly. “If breathing muscles are aligned properly, your heart and digestive system work better,” says Miller, who created a workout during which students roll their bodies over rubber balls to get those muscles working optimally. And there’s an aesthetic upside: Miller likens strong intercostals to “an internal corset” that holds in your midsection. Meanwhile, in New York, clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich’s Breathe classes at Willspace studio combine posture correction, core work, and inhalation practice to get students using more of their lung capacity. “You break down nutrients with oxygen—your brain runs on it, and your muscles heal with it,” she says. But stress, combined with sucking in our bellies, drives most of us to breathe shallowly. It’s a vicious cycle: Stress causes shallow breathing, and shallow breathing increases stress, leading to elevated levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to increased belly fat.

Breathing exercises, on the other hand, have been shown in recent studies to lower blood pressure and improve hand-eye coordination. The self-proclaimed “breath guru” Alan Dolan believes they can also save your career—and even your marriage. Dolan conducts retreats on the Canary Islands, where, in addition to yoga, he uses stretches, breath work, and music to help clients reset respiration. “I’ve ‘breathed’ athletes, actresses who need help steadying nerves, and couples working on a relationship,” Dolan says.

If an island retreat isn’t in the cards, check out Vranich’s book, Breathe, out in January. Her DIY techniques draw on martial arts, pulmonology, sports psychology, yoga, and Russian ­special-ops training. “My clients are type A people who tune out as soon as they hear the word ‘meditate,’ ” Vranich says. But that isn’t to say her breathing lessons don’t have a trippy side. At the end of each class, Vranich uses music, aromatherapy, and cycles of very deep, very fast breaths to flood students’ bodies with oxygen. The side effect? A light-headed, blissed-out state that, for some, borders on hallucinogenic. Even Xanax can’t compare.


W Magazine

Author:  Katie Becker

Photo Credit

Untitled, 1964-1965.Courtesy of Wingate Paine/Steven Kasher Gallery, New York.