Boca Chica’s Top 5 Songs for November ♡

5. Lane 8 - Clarify feat. Fractures 4. Rüfüs Du Sol - No Place 3. Lane 8 - Stir Me Up 2. Rüfüs Du Sol - Underwater 1. Rüfüs Du Sol - Treat You Better      


5 Reasons You Should Make Him Wait For Sex

You’re a grown woman and you can do what you want. I know. I get it! You will never hear me telling you there’s anything wrong with being sexual, and having sex when you want and who you want. These are absolutely personal decisions that you have every right to make on your own and... Continue Reading →

Bad Wine.

That wine was bad wine, it was bought on a bad day, with a bad person. It was not meant for you and me. It was just an impulse buy. I am sorry I allowed us to drink that wine, I am sorry you shared a bad memory, that I soon hope to be forgotten.  ... Continue Reading →


You are a magnet. What you think, you become. What you fear, you attract. What you want, you get. What you can imagine, you can create. What you see in your mind, you can hold in your hand. With powers like these, you must be careful. via Magnet — Cristian Mihai

art nouveau

Time for new; new designs; new insta; new phone; new personal blog; new personal branding; new self; time for self improvement; self re-invention.    

The Yearning

It's the cold air feeling that comes from your bedroom window. It's being stuck in traffic for nearly 4 hours, just to see you. It's the way you sit next to me, I can feel you want me to touch you. It's how you did that on our first date and I couldn't help myself... Continue Reading →

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