I have moved to the Bay Area, SF California in August 2017 and am making the career pivot to UX Designer from Visual Designer. Follow my passionate, lively and independent journey. I have grown wiser and learned more knowledge. I still keep this blog for joy personal reflection.

♥ Kristen


"Beauty is an attitude there's no secret."
"I am just a girl, who's in love with the world."
- Kristen

Old bio:

Hi, I’m Kristen, currently residing in the lovely Boca Raton, FL. With my high energy, enthusiastic outlook on life, I think a lot – I am a visionary. A dreamer. A thinker.  A creative. For self-expression, I have created this blog called The Boca Chica.

I enjoy blogging or re-blog articles about running & fitness because I am very active. I live & breathe fitness & wellbeing.

“The Boca Chica”, is me, meaning, the Boca Girl. 


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