Hi, I’m Kristen, currently residing in the lovely Boca Raton, FL. With my high energy, enthusiastic outlook on life, I think a lot – I am a visionary. A dreamer. A thinker.  A creative. For self-expression, I have created this blog called The Boca Chica.

I enjoy blogging or re-blog articles about running & fitness because I am very active. I live & breathe fitness & wellbeing.

“The Boca Chica”, is me, meaning, the Boca Girl. 

♥ Kristen

"Beauty is an attitude there's no secret."
"I am just a girl, who's in love with the world."
- Kristen


UPDATE: I have moved to Walnut Creek, CA. I still haven’t changed much. I love the same things but have just grown wiser and more mature and acquired more knowledge and skills. Read as I make the transition from Graphic/Visual Designer to UX/UI Designer and date guys from Google and Apple 😉 (one of them I’ll find suitable enough to settle down with…) and make best friends with highly motivated, intelligent, funny and great people in the Bay Area who work at Yelp and Palantir Technologies as engineers!

SO, what’s my next adventure? 

EURO-TRIP within 1 YEAR with my best friend Christina. 

Also Art Basel Miami every year – let’s make it a tradition 😉 starting December 2017.


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