After two weeks of starting my new job, I finally made it out to SF (San Fransico) last night. I had to work a little later from home, finishing a graphic for work. I hope that does not happen too much at this new job. I was given start-up advice from a mutual friend who... Continue Reading →

Dewy-Fresh- Awake 5 Minute Makeup

This YouTuber has mastered the skill of quick make-up in a jiffy! Now, I would do my cheeks differently, because I have different face shape and more edges. The amount of bronzer she uses looks good on her but it will vary per different faces... but the beauty product she uses are noteworthy! I want... Continue Reading →

My First Week in California

Today is Saturday August 19th, which completes my first 7 days here in California. I flew in late last Saturday August 14th into San Fransisco. Took a Lyft ride into Walnut Creek, grabbed Taco Bell and stayed at a Motel 6. Glamorous right? Back tracking a little bit - here is my Mazda CX-5 being... Continue Reading →

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