I Want A Golden Retriever

I want a Golden Retriever. I just adore them. My father’s love for Golden Retrievers has grown on me. I adore dogs. I love them. I do. They are so friendly, playful and joyous. Happy to see you when you come home. When you are home they provide companionship. Golden Retrievers are special.

They are cute as pups, snuggly and warm, and originally bred to spend hours with hunters in duck blinds, the Golden Retriever evolved to be very people-oriented. Wants physical contact often as possible, and enjoys to lay at their human’s feet during dinner, as well as follow us room to room to maintain contact.


Just imagine that kind of delightful admiration from a little furball?

They grow up to be great with people, active, and just simply beautiful. Check out these photos on the internet I’ve found that sincerely capture my heart. What a dream it would be to live in California, with a little Golden Retriever buddy.

(Don’t tell the girls – my cats).

walnut-creek-goldenSource: Walk, Train, Love: Complete Canine Services


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