Bye Old Life, Hello New Life

Change is hard. But the author of this post makes a valid point about how "in the end, we only have one life, and so the time to start healing and living is today. The time to change is now." Personal reflection : Over the past year, I went through a healing process after a... Continue Reading →

12 Reasons Why Self-Aware People Actually Have A Harder Time Finding Love — Thought Catalog

Self-aware people commonly fall into the belief that when they are “good enough,” love will find them, and that every withstanding issue they have with themselves is what’s holding them back. They are prone to becoming extremely hyper-critical of themselves, and not letting themselves feel good or enjoy life until they think they’re “fixed.”… The conventional... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Attitude

Happy Forth of July 2017! Let's be happy together! I want you to write out a list of 10 recent  occasions that made you feel good. Here is  mine: 1. Finding a better job, I am excited to get back to working in a career and following my passion of graphic design and marketing communications... Continue Reading →

I Want A Golden Retriever

I want a Golden Retriever. I just adore them. My father's love for Golden Retrievers has grown on me. I adore dogs. I love them. I do. They are so friendly, playful and joyous. Happy to see you when you come home. When you are home they provide companionship. Golden Retrievers are special. They are... Continue Reading →

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