My 29th Birthday

It’s my last year in my 20’s. And I am embracing it, most likely not going to do any type of fun-filled celebrations, like I used to plan durning my earlier 20’s. With tons of friends. But that lifestyle just doesn’t suite me.

But will celebrate it perhaps just quietly at home with my kitties, relaxing and enjoy some organic wine.

This what 29 looks like to me. Kristen Marie Kelly. It looks like self-care. Self love, and self respect!

I must remind myself that it is okay to do this… I want to accomplish great things in my life from here on out. I got a good job at Orangetheory, I need to study and pass the NASM CPT test to become a motivational personal trainer! I also got accepted back to FAU for a B.S. in Biological Sciences. That is another huge deal…and a whole other blog post, but if I want to focus hard on pursing a respectable career in the Health industry, I must remind myself to stay golden, stay focused, and to stay on the righteous path! Even if that means spending time alone! I focus better alone, it allows me to stay focused on a good path.

I am okay with being alone. This is why I am a runner! 😉 I do not need a boyfriend at the moment, or even fair weather friends who distract me.

I wish to continue to focus on improving myself. Taking my life to the next level. 🙂 I believe if I continue to transform myself into the person I really want to be, that it will open the right doors in the universe. To allow good quality people into my life! To allow for more opportunity.

Although, I am grateful I do have great friends that I really appreciate.  Friends who are positive influences, and maintain healthy friendships. Also for myself: I want to personally focus on my life, running better, longer, stronger, and faster, and a career change. Thus that means I must spend a lot of time alone, taking care of number one.

What I actually want for my birthday is to run tomorrow in the AM! And I will Runner’s Edge, my favorite group of positive people in Boca Raton. I have met the classiest, most wholesome and down to earth people through this group. With pure hearts of gold. It can be very hard to find. I am glad that I have met August Meltzer, she has nothing bad to say about anyone and is always happy and doing well. That is the type of person I want to surround myself with. I am glad she wants to take me out to lunch for my bday on Monday! I love this woman!

Well these are just scribbled thoughts for now, I gotta get ready for work!


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