A Little Wine is Just Fine

Red wine that is. Studies show that just a glass a day can increase HDL cholesterol levels, better sleep, and lower cardiometabolic risk factors. Personally, I love a great glass of organic wine, or even sulfite free wine. It's clean. That means no headaches the next day, and better quality. I love coffee too, so... Continue Reading →

My 29th Birthday

It's my last year in my 20's. And I am embracing it, most likely not going to do any type of fun-filled celebrations, like I used to plan durning my earlier 20's. With tons of friends. But that lifestyle just doesn't suite me. But will celebrate it perhaps just quietly at home with my kitties, relaxing... Continue Reading →

Three Things Runners Should Do

Pick one, and do it everyday. I like the core and flexibility one. 1. Core and Flexibility  Planks - 4 different moves hold for, 30 seconds each. Front Plank Backwards Plank (on palms and heels) Left Side Right Side  Flexibility  Back Bridge Lay on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor roughly 18-inches from... Continue Reading →

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