The Road Less Traveled

Hello All! In lieu of reading a current book called, “The Road Less Traveled,” by M. Scott Peck, M.D., this is a post about my recent domestic travels. I am still reading it, and about half way through. It’s an intellectual and spiritual book by a psychiatrist and author with a BA from Harvard, and a MD from Case Western Reserve.

Surprisingly, it’s VERY well written, and different from I expected! It touches my soul and connects with me from a psychological stand point. Why haven’t I read this sooner? It was gift given to me, by my high school soccer coach, and also a former co-worker of my father’s, from over TEN YEARS AGO.

Well to be honest, I tried reading the first few chapters when I was younger, and I could not understand it or read it as well as I can now. I am glad I am reading it now!

Furthermore, I have not been blogging, and this is a practice I find very self motivating, as well as intellectually developmental. But I will make this more of a daily, if not weekly practice, to be apart of my success.

So recently, I have been in a path to deeper rediscovery. I saw “rediscovery,” because I go through phases were I feel a bit lost, or off track. No one is to blame, I take the responsibility for not putting forth enough “me time,” for positive self talk, or mind and soul enhancing rituals.

Do not do that. Note to self: do not do that. Make it apart of your values to be dedicated, relentlessly dedicated to your own voice.

First Parts of my Self Rescovery Journey, is traveling to Key West, Florida. My dad still lives down there, here is me at the Hemingway House.


Below are pictures of me visiting my father in Virginia, I flew into Washington D.C., to meet him. We were looking for a new home! My faather’s home that is, he will be moving there in July. I am very excited and pleased with this area of Northern Virginia.

We stayed in Fairfax, and looked around in Reston, VA. Again, I am pleased with the area. It’s nice and classy, the people are friendly, kind, and polite. I knew I would like it there.

We visited downtown Reston, and it is the upscaled town centre. We ate at nice American restaurant called Clyde’s. My father had a Maryland crab cake, and I had an eggplant parm. We also had delectable calamari for an appetizer.

The bottom selfie is actually me before I left, after I got my hair done in Delray Beach! I love it. The other selfie, to the left was me eating deliciousness at an organic salad restaurant in Fairfax, called Sweet Leaf. It’s so nice there! The weather was wonderful.

Furthermore, I was particularly interested in seeing Shenandoah, a national park in Virginia, with beautiful heavenly mountains. So we just took a drive to the small town of Front Royal, to see the mountains and entrance to the park. It’s supposedly enormous, and the Appalachian trail runs through it. What a dream.

I would love to hike the Appalachian trail, it is one of my dearest dreams to fall in love with a protective, and adventurous young man who can join me on a through-hike of the AT Trail. It would take about 6-7 months. I would love it. I know I would, it would bring out the best in me, and be a great adventure to experience. An adventure of a lifetime.

Here are just some photos of our drive to Shenandoah, we didn’t get to see much, for my dad was browsing real estate listings all day! But I am very fortunate we were able to make it out there before sunset! I felt such a strong calling to this area. It was a very strong pull, that I would love to even relocate and live the dream of an all American family, out near the godly and miraculous Shenandoah Mountains. God’s gift is his natural earthly creations.

Until next time, be grateful, live everyday as if it were you last and do something everyday that makes you happy.

With love and hugs,

xo, The BOCA Chica.


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