The Road Less Traveled

Hello All! In lieu of reading a current book called, “The Road Less Traveled,” by M. Scott Peck, M.D., this is a post about my recent domestic travels. I am still reading it, and about half way through. It’s an intellectual and spiritual book by a psychiatrist and author with a BA from Harvard, and a MD from Case Western Reserve.

Surprisingly, it’s VERY well written, and different from I expected! It touches my soul and connects with me from a psychological stand point. Why haven’t I read this sooner? It was gift given to me, by my high school soccer coach, and also a former co-worker of my father’s, from over TEN YEARS AGO.

Well to be honest, I tried reading the first few chapters when I was younger, and I could not understand it or read it as well as I can now. I am glad I am reading it now!

Furthermore, I have not been blogging, and this is a practice I find very self motivating, as well as intellectually developmental. But I will make this more of a daily, if not weekly practice, to be apart of my success.

So recently, I have been in a path to deeper rediscovery. I saw “rediscovery,” because I go through phases were I feel a bit lost, or off track. No one is to blame, I take the responsibility for not putting forth enough “me time,” for positive self talk, or mind and soul enhancing rituals.

Do not do that. Note to self: do not do that. Make it apart of your values to be dedicated, relentlessly dedicated to your own voice.

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