Skydive 50 Mile Ultra Marathon

January 30th, 2016, in Clewiston, FL exactly 8 days from today, I will be joining over 100 other runners, I think more near 200 runners for a 50 mile ultra marathon!

Actually, the distance is 50.25 miles, because there will be 7 loops around a 7.25 course.

It’s going to be awesome~!

Here is a great article about Ultra Running!

Here are all the reasons why I will finish:

  1. I am a Kristen Kelly. I don’t quit.
  2. I am unstoppable.
  3. I see the bigger picture.
  4. I love running.
  5. I love running long distances.
  6. Your dad just turned 56th Jan. 20th! You will finish in his name, running 50 miles is the least you can do!
  7. I am smart, I will do it with patience and skill.
  8. I want to be apart of that <5% (in America, of ultra marathoners).
  9. For myself.
  10. My Mom.
  11. My Dad.
  12. My Grammy.
  13. My whole family.

More Self Talk.

  1. You are Unstoppable.
  2. You were born to do this.
  3. You are a Kelly.
  4. You want to show Brandon what you are made of.
  5. Seriously. I don’t quit, I never will, and failure is not apart of my vocabulary.
  6. Forget the non-sense. ALL OF IT. It does not exist to me!
  7. You are higher.
  8. Always take the higher ground!
  12. YES! You will run the Boston Marathon – this is just a long run!