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To be written later. Just a note~I gotta get ready to bring my kittens to the vet for shots! #kittylove


Happy Birthday to Me 😬🎂✨🎈🙆💖🌟🎊👑🎀💎💞

It's my birthday! I finally feel 25, although I am now 27...let's just say it's my 3rd 25th birthday. First things first on this day, I want to make an honorable and loving commitment to myself. At 26, I stated I was going to reinvent myself. At 27, I will no longer allow others to... Continue Reading →

What to Blog About

RUNNING. Nails. TV Shows. New things that interest me. Self-confidence. Art. Really Focusing on art. Self-restraint. Black & White. Design. Style. Web + Design. Coding. Blogging. Making a name for myself. Not allowing my talents to turn to dust. xo The Boca Chica

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