Interview With helium creative

I have one, tomorrow at 11 am. Gosh, I don’t normally get his nervous, but I am…! Excited, nervous, and willing to work/learn.

I have another interview tomorrow at 2 pm as well, for an entry level graphic design web development/graphic artist job in Coral Springs, and they actually called me, I did not even apply. It’s full time, and they pay $14 an hour, which is great. I could like live on my own. Making roughly like $26,000 a year. LOL, money’s money. It’s more than I make now. I just have my father support me, supporting my dreams as I finish college and develop my skills. But I would love that, have that money and be independent! But honestly, I may have to turn it down, if I can work for helium. I do have that job for bogart’s, I will be able to still take in money, and save. So I will be helping my dad out, and still chasing my dreams.

I am having patience, and working towards dreams, so I can have the life and career I desire.



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