Happy Saturday, I’m Moving

I’m gonna move to NY. That’s my decision. I was thinking possibly moving to Delray Beach in September, to a different area that is more positive and awesome, as well as cheaper cost of living. Plus, it’s closer to the beach…I have heard it’s nice like Boca, especially the Atlantic Ave area, but not as rude compared to Boca. So living there, in a smaller living space, working and finishing college and then moving to NY.

Not Boston. (Like I used to want to move to, but New York, everyone says it’s better).

I’ve decided this because it’s something I’ve wanted since I first started college. I wanted to go to art school in NY, and then when I dated a guy from NY, of course I wanted to move. I still want to move. I had brunch with Laura Simonelli, Rob’s wife, at Corner Bakery today. She just left Mint Fit in Delray, (a gym Rob helped open up, that I want to switch to), and I just finished Orange Theory Fitness. Fitness fanatics here.

She used to live up there, and she just loves it. She says there is plenty opportunity for anyone, and it will be easy to find roommates. I wouldn’t even mind living in a tiny one bedroom, and working a full time job, just to get experience.

And to just experience the city living. Meet new people. Get on with life & start living the life I want.

I’m gonna do it. I just got a new job, so I will start now on paying off bills, and saving money for it.

The Boca Chica’s Plan to Move to New York.



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