Feeling Great

I just left the FAU gym & I did my own workout routine that I know will slim the areas I want.

I did:

-30 minutes on the stair master (100 steps/minute)

– Abs on a mat:
reserve lower abs raises, side plank raises, bicycles, double crunches & then two sets of minute planks

-Arms & back (4 sets)
Over head pull
Seated pull
Side pulls from above with both arms
And tricep pulls

-Quick Quads:
Just quick low step backs, staying low for about a minute, with a warmup.

-Also, about 20 fast low backwards lunges holding it for 3 seconds each time.

I really am targeted my lower stomach, hips & quads this workout! Plus of course my Glutes & calves with the stair master.

I love the FAU gym, it’s awesome. I may have to pay for a membership there over summer :-).

I love looking and feeling fit!



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