Think Before You React

A little lesson I’ve learned from my dear friend Jannise, mature guys, don’t react, in disputes, they do not act impulsively with their “reactions” to how they feel.

It takes time to learn this though, a lot of younger people in general have to learn to be mature and not react, especially in love.

Gotta keep your cooool. ūüėČ

Think things through and think of your consequences.

Stay positive. Radiate positive vibes.

Remember: People don’t change.¬†Unless they want to.

In real adult relationship, it takes two, both willing to put in the effort.

I always got so¬†frustrated because I have wasted too much time with so-called relationships.¬†But it’s okay, I’m still working on me, still at¬†FAU.

Things will change and are changing ;)).

It is a team effort, and a real, worthwhile relationship takes time.




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