Yogi Runner

I just did some quick yoga moves, starting with the sun salutation. I’m going for a 30 minute run, then starting my off right.

I want to continue my practice own my own, with some nice soundscapes playing on the TV. They offer pleasant morning and sort of yoga like music.

I will set my daily intention & continue to improve, I will be a more pleasant person, to others, and mainly to myself. I tend to be extremely hard on myself. I deserve love, and I am beautiful, I am a beautiful creature deserving of truth & bliss, just as any on this earth.

Start with quieting my mind, even writing this, I seem harsh upon myself, because I can feel it. I deserve to be loved, and the best person to love me is myself.

Also, apart of my practice today I’ve said to myself to just let things go. Allow any negative thoughts or feelings to just pass on by….live in the now. Live in the moment. Manifest what you want. Learn and move on from the past. It is behind you…you have the courage and strength now to be anyone you desire.

Peace, pleasantness & beauty.


The Boca Chica


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