Sun Salutation Yoga


I am going to start every morning off with a sun salutation, because I will breath and stretch, before starting my day.

I will start my days right, ready to take on anything. While believing in my personal mantra(s). Or mindsets, like below:

Mindset. Grind. Focus.

(May be add the word Fight too, but only when necessary; the positive meaning will be, fight to keep going, and improving one day at a time). “Keep moving,” is a great mantra too, that my Grammy once told me.

Overall, just any positive mindset will suffice.

My improvement & goal is to get outta here. To start a new life, my own new life, that I will carve out for myself, outside of Boca.

I am ever so grateful for all the help and support I am given. I cannot waste it. I will be successful, living my dreams…manifesting my own destiny.


Back to the sun salutation, I love yoga. The sun salutation is a basic and can be done easily. The practice of yoga helps one become grateful, mindful & healthy.


Off the the gym to do some legs & then on to a do to list of animation, portfolio website work, and continuing the job search!

Gotta GRIND!!!

The Boca Chica


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