Post 10k

I just ran the Gumbo Limbo Turtle Gallop 10k today, and I did surprisingly well. I have been running really slowly lately, like just sub 10/m. Like 9:40/m. But that’s just for my long fun runs, at Orange Theory Fitness, we do interval training on the treadmills.

But I actually finished top 10 out of my age group & did a 10k (6.2 miles) in 53 minutes. I did about the same last year…but in 2013, I was late, so I didn’t get the official time.

Today, in 2014, I finished at a 8:34/m pace. Out of at least 500, I was 99th place overall. That’s cool. Top 5%.

Next I would like to place top 5. Work on increasing my speed to an 8:00 minute mile.

Check out the results:


I was pretty happy to see my name, Kristen Kelly, on that board.

Also, I saw Louise today, Louise Parks from GEO & she finished 4th in her age group. Last year she got 3rd. She’s a great runner. I really like her, she and I grew the closest at GEO.

She asked me if I was still dating Ty. I gave the basic run down. But I did say, he’s a runner too. 🙂

Which is great, because running makes me happy. As I have become more dedicated to running around my first half marathon with Team and Training. I’ve learned,10k’s are my favorite, 6.213 miles is just right. The distance isn’t too long, and it’s not too short.

I am going to join Runner’s Edge’s training program, over summer, like starting July, to train for half marathons and full marathons. I’ll do a half. This should help keep me in running shape & improve my endurance.

Then, later on in the year, like around February, they offer another training program for 5k’s and 10k’s, I would like to do that next year, to improve my speed.

Persistence & practice is key.

Running keeps me humble, clears my mind, and also keeps me focused. Just like any sport, if a runner can be dedicated to their independent athleticism, they can also be dedicated to their overall independence and success in life.

That’s what I want, success, independence (and my health).

Well, I’m off to get some Thai food and work on some work.

Stay dedicated & fit, my friends.


The Boca Chica


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