Lessons from my past. Things that I want

I really just want a guy I can have fun with while still young, and finishing up college. Someone to relax with, go to the beach every weekend, cook healthy foods, and workout with. Someone I can wear my cute cut off shorts and cropped tops around, showing off my tan and fit body, and be a fun little island girl with.

Do some paddle boarding with, and any water sports. Staying active and happy. Check out some local live music, even go to Art Walk at FATVillage, even more so check out the Miami Design district every once in awhile. Someone to make me laugh and act goofy with, so the fun never stops. We could have fun anywhere, with anything that we do. I just want that laid back, cool, and easy to talk to, guy who will always wanna be with me, but be with me given the right amount of time…so we aren’t smothering each other.

I know I deserve this, and I can find it. But I just don’t meet enough people. I just need to remember to focus on myself, and things will start changing and happening for myself if I keep on this righteous path!! LOL



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