Transitionist Inspiration


Deanne Cheuk refers to herself as a Transitionist. She truly inspired me. I took notes & tried to soak up all the useful words she spoke last night during her speech.

Basically I have learned to really love what you do. When she was younger, she worked for Australian night clubs, and party promotions, big in the rave scene. Then moved to magazine published layouts, and then became an art director for Urban Outfitters.

She did so much. And I could go on an on, but what I am going to take from that experience is to stop wasting so much time (social media, dreaming too much, on shallow things or interests, and just really playing around), and to start using my creativity to produce more.

I know I am meant for big things. Just as my bffe, Nikki reminded me when I was upset recently. I’ve lived a very unordinary life, and gone through more than the average hardships. So my future is my hands. I must create my own opportunities.

Deanne now lives in New York, and has a suiting career with Henri Bendell. Feel free to read her about into, taken from her portfolio, as the bottom.

Other than that, I love how she stayed true to herself, true to her own love for art, and build out her own life. A transitionist basically is someone incorporates different aspects of art, culture, design, together.

Although, this type of style she had, is now a bit of a trend now, I still have to do things that I enjoy. So then I can start making a name for myself as a designer. Trends are popular interests, visual communication is communication to the masses. There’s no shame in being trendy or appreciating it.

Now, I must work on becoming my own transitionist myself. 


The Boca Chica


Deanne Cheuk is a New York-based art director, illustrator and artist from Perth, Western Australia (the most isolated city in the world).

She got her first job as a magazine art director at the age of 19 — the same year that she graduated with a degree in graphic design from Curtin University.

Since then, Cheuk has art directed or designed numerous publications, including Tokion Magazine.

Cheuk’s art direction has been heavily influenced by her illustrative work and she is renowned for her illustrative typography.

She has been commissioned by top international companies, including American Express, Dell, Lane Crawford, Levi’s, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Nokia, Nike, Converse, Olay, Sprint,

Swatch, Target, MTV, Gap, Real Simple, The GuardianT Magazine and The New York Times Magazine. She has worked with David Carson, Doug Aitken and Conan O’Brien.

In 2005, Cheuk released her first book, Mushroom Girls Virus — which sold out worldwide immediately.

Also in 2005, The New York Times Magazine began commissioning custom typography for William Safire’s ‘On Language’ column and Deanne Cheuk was the inaugural designer chosen for the series.

In 2006, Target launched a line of “Deanne Cheuk” products.

Cheuk sometimes self-publishes a non-profit contributor-based graphic ‘zine called Neomu.

She has also judged competitions for the Art Director’s Club NY and the Type Director’s Club NY, and from 2008-2010 was on the Board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA/NY.



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