West Coast

May be I should move back west, to California. I really did love living there. The lifestyle is much more calmer, cooler, than Florida, and everyone is so laid back. Florida, especially South Florida, is really for a lot of retirees or people who have build their wealth. Not saying Cali doesn’t have wealthy citizens, after all, the cost of living in Cali is higher than other states. Yet, “the median household income in California is approximately $59,000, which is above the national average of around $50,000.”

Also, there’s a lot of art, culture, and sport. Amongst my three favorite things in life. Having spent a lot of time growing up in Cali, it’s what helped mold who I am today. With those aspects, and the combination of the (trendy) lifestyle, it may just be enough to encourage me to move back.

On top of that, my best friend from Key West High School, my bffe (best friend for ever~lol, ya, I know…silly…it’s from when we were teenagers), Nicole Wilson is moving west. Although she is moving to Colorado…it’s still west. I do love her so much. I miss her. I know my high school friend Roger Freeman is out there too, living in LA. Living and loving the lifestyle. Rog, Nikki, and I were all friends. Good enough friends, that we can pick up were we left off,  it would be cooool.


It’s just something to consider, since I am pursing a career in creative design career, there are many opportunities in Los Angeles. Like for example, Nasty Gal is based out of Cali I believe, a fashion company, that I would have loved to interned for (lI claimed that like two years ago!) and of course, there’s Hollywood. Endless opportunity for creatives like myself.

To be honest, I know I would have led a way different lifestyle, if I stayed there to grow up in Cali. Gosh. I do remember how hard the move and adjustment was, from Oceanside to Key West. (BIG culture shock). Then to Key West to Boca Raton. As I am stuck here in limbo.

But I must move on in life, and see where it leads me, with purpose, happiness ~ gratitude towards others, and of course – self love.

Anyhoo, I must do some work now. I gave myself a deadline to apply to Helium Creative by the end of the week.

I am going to an artist talk tonight with my classmate Allie. Should be fun. Her name is Deanne Cheuk, check out some of her work. She’s pretty awesome.










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