The Right Hair Tips For an Athletic Girl

A beautiful, down to earth woman who goes to my gym, Orange Theory Fitness, has the most amazing long blonde hair. She’s so in great shape and has such a great down to earth personality. She’s healthy. I have known her for some years, because we also used to take spin class at LA Fitness together. I compliment and ask her about how she stays so fit. So today, she sat next to me on a rowing machine and I noticed how beautifully flowing her natural, waist length hair is. I told her how good it looks.

So after class, she was talking to the girl at the front desk, who is amazing as well. She’s very outgoing. (I’m gonna note, I really love my gym, it’s full of nice happy people who are put together….majority of the people I workout with in the morning are adults who have careers). She was talking about hair styling and it turns out she’s a hair stylist! A happy, fit, down to earth women who is a hair stylist – awesome. So so gave some tips…she actually gave the girl at the front desk, a gift card (how sweet & really, just because), and surprisingly it was the front desk employee’s birthday. What a coincidence. 

As people were complimenting her on her beautiful hair, we discovered she’s is a hair stylist here in Boca Raton. (New salon for me?) She gave me some tips for growing my hair longer!!! Also referred a male stylist to go to.

She told me that since I work out daily, that I have to actually wash my hair gently daily to get rid of the salt. Every time after I workout. 

She said this because the salt from sweat gets into my hair and it dries it out. It becomes brittle and breaks. That’s why I cannot grow it as long as I would like. I don’t wash it enough. I always thought you cannot wash your hair everyday, to keep the natural oils. But for someone who works out to build up a sweat, as much as I do, I have to! 

Along with some other tips on how to just grow it long, leave it alone, and get salon treatments often. Since the salon she works at is in the Mizner area, I will def check it out. I am so glad she said told me some tips, I will clean my hair more often, to rid of the salt, grow it out, and then eventually start getting treatments when I can afford it. I do love it longer.

Well, time to do some design work. 

Much love,


The Boca Chica

Happy healthy, clean cut, free spirit here. 😉 Let’s just say happy and healthy! 






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