Poolside Paradise

Laying here, after a great day learning a new design program, by the pool soaking up the sun, I relax and embrace my surroundings.

The weather is so beautiful, not too hot. Not spoiling hot, like Florida summers. It’s late afternoon on a Wednesday so I can enjoy privacy and calmness.

The pool water glimmers as the sun casts it’s rays upon it. I enjoy the aqua colors, and the coral looking flooring around the pool, here at my community. I enjoy this simple Florida lifestyle.

I am listening to a playlist on my phone called “self preserve.” I must have created it when I was into yoga.

It has tracks by The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean, Daft Punk, and other artists, like some by Lyyke Li. I randomly came across this one, that I really like the lyrics of. I can reflect on it. It’s shown below.


The Boca Chica




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