Jobs. Internships. Experience.

Firstly, in order to get a job, all I really must do, is just put myself out there. Just apply. Just send out my resume. I got a basic website up for my design portfolio, and I also perfected my resume and cover letter. I always was tweaking it.

I did not work for awhile, as I was unemployed and wanted to focus on myself. Also, after my dog passed into heaven, it was very hard for me. There  are other reasons why I did not to work, and was to just focus on school…and on myself. because I only have three courses left! Just gotta push through, and finish strong.

Anyways, Back to the jobs. This semester is almost done, and I cannot take any courses over the summer, so I must find work. I must find as much work and experience. Valuable work and experience. My main focus is to gain experience as a professional designer, and also make an income , and save. Save to get out of Florida.

 So, I have two interviews.  

I had a job interview today, it went very well, and I was called back immedaitely for a second interview. It is a full day interview to go through what the position requires, I will spend time with the Corporate Trainer and get a realistic perspective on the job, if I am offered the position. It should be really in depth, occupying an entire day. The job itself is an Entry Level Account Manager. It is not related to design, but it is marketing. I like marketing.

I was asked, “why the interest in marketing,” today in my interview. Right off the top of my head, I said because marketing is a key to any professional. You have to be able to market yourself, sell your self and the product or company you represent, as a designer, or within any field. It’s not different if you majored in business, or even as a fitness trainer, you have to be able to sell yourself and what you do.

Not too shabby of an answer, considering it was fast. I could extenuate and go with that more, if I work on it.

So that is a full time position. But I did look up the average salaries for that job title, and as an entry level professional, it seems comfortable. Making a decent living, financial independence, saving for a happy and comfortable future are all apart of my dreams, and five year plan. What is also important is that it may also open doors for me, the experience managing a team.

But continuing on, I also have an interview as a graphic design intern. This is also a paid position. It’s only part-time, but I am almost certain I want to take it if offered the position. Experience in my field is a plus. A big plus.  That interview is next week.

However, this my most exciting and interesting opportunity starts TOMORROW…I am so nervously excited about. Oh, did I say I was excited?  I am meeting the team of Helium Creative tomorrow as I attend Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale. Please check out how nice there website is. So creative. So beautiful. So serene. So big. Their tag line is:

“Helium Creative. A high standard creative.”

I have heard they will push you. I need this. I want this. So above all, this is my main prerogative, to get this internship over the summer. To me this internship at Helium would be the most valuable. Okay, that is enough blogging for tonight. I’ve exposed too much of my inner world, as I am working on keeping to myself. But, self expression, is what I do, and was born to do…I must hone in on how to do it effectively, and for personal profit.

Good night.


The Boca Chica



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