The Boca Chica’s Journey to Super Fit

After a nutrition seminar hosted by Shane Eslahi, IFBB Pro, and Orange Theory Manager/trainer, I have learned more detailed information on proper fitness nutrition. I am now starting my journey to super fit, with proper nutrition. After all, only 20% is training, whereas 80% is nutrition.

According to Shane, I should have 1.25-1.5 grams/lb of weight, of protein a day, that’s about 115 g daily, and 1,430 calories a day.

I plan on starting natural. No fat burners, or pre workout enhancers – just yet. I may try Cardio Burn, which both Shane and his girlfriend Kelly use from Muscle Sport. But first, the only supplements will be vitamins & protein powder.

I also downloaded the iOS app. “My Fitness Pal,” to log all my meals and snacks. I know I will not be able to keep to with it daily, but I will log until I get into the automatic practice without it.

The app shows an informative and detailed breakdown of your daily intake of carbs, fats & protein. Starting today, I am eating a pretty balanced diet. But I think in order to meet my fitness goals I need to stick to a more strict regime.

Now, I would like to up my protein intake because protein cannot be stored, if you eat excess, it just passes. I also need to watch my carbohydrate intake of sugars, starches & grain . That means cutting my fruit to a minimum, only good berries, and bananas in moderation and no juices. Also, I will drink at least 1 gallon of water daily. I think I already had that one covered! Also, no alcoholic beverages whatsoever. Sober living does do the mind & body well.

First Day Calorie Breakdown
March 2, 2014



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