How Clinginess Can Ruin Potential Loving Relationships

Surprisingly funny, a good quick read.

Thought Catalog

The other night as I was exiting Walgreens you caught my eye. Your beauty was undeniable and the gorgeous, glowing aura surrounding you was literally lighting up the darkness. A beautiful, radiant white light that drew me in like a stupid/suicidal moth to a flame. I look, you’re staring back at me and there’s no doubt that we are what each other want in this moment, although thirty seconds prior I had no idea we’d be meeting.

I try to keep walking but only manage two or three steps before I turn around and you’re still there. Your lingering gaze is an obvious sign that I should approach, so I do. Immediately we click and you take the initiative to get my phone number and email address, but you also invite me to hangout & watch some movies. Tonight. The spontaneity and randomness of it all is intriguing. Ten…

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