3 Ways To Feel Great About Coming Home


“Home is where the heart is”; “an Englishman’s home is his castle.” These clichés are popular for a reason: we all want to ensure the houses we live in look as nice as possible, and are filled with the possessions that reflect our unique personalities. After a long day at work, we want to feel great about coming home.

While we might have similar tastes with friends in terms of interior design, furniture or specific manufacturers of electrical appliances, having the extra home details that reflect our personality is what makes our home feel special. When you first move into a property, it can feel very strange, especially if it’s a rented flat that has been furnished by the landlord. So what do you do to make it feel like “your home”? Add some of your own touches, of course.

Decorating is one of the best ways of sprinkling a touch of “you” on your home. It’s also important to get rid of the outdated styles that may have been there since you moved in or that you may have outgrown. That Power Rangers wallpaper in the kids’ bedroom? Might not be so relevant when your kids turn 15. If it doesn’t reflect your current state of mind, consider getting rid of it.

One great tip for giving your home a new lease of life is to update the flooring. You might have the original wooden floorboards that have been there since the house was built, or at least since you moved in, and they’re starting to wear just through age. Installing oak flooring is a great option because it offers both durability and style. You don’t necessarily have to get professionals to lay it for you, either. If you’re a bit of a DIY whizz, there are numerous flooring tools you can get to help lay your new floor and bring it back to life.

Another option is to put up new mirrors around your home. The reflections given off don’t just let you check your hair and make-up, but actually project extra light into the room and can even make it seem much larger.

If there’s one room in your home that always seems dark no matter what you try – new lighting, getting lighter furniture or changing the wallpaper every few months – then think about the actual colors, not the styles you go for. Lighter, neutral colors such as white or cream can provide extra light and give off the perception of increased space.

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance writer and mother with a passion for home decor and improvement!

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