Running Intention


Before: Lacing up my shoes, I prepare myself for another run here in Maine. We are staying in Fernald Cove, today I am just going to run on my own in the street.

As I run, I find myself setting daily intentions and playing scenarios in my head on how to have a good day, for me and those around me. Just like yoga, running is a self practice that allows me to think clearly.


After: Feeling a good endorphin release and my runner’s high. Egg whites, toast & oatmeal, with some OJ were eaten to nourish my body. I am in a great mood & know that my daily intention was to be a kinder, more outgoing granddaughter, niece, and daughter. That was my intention. I thought as I was running, be more mindful of what you say. Do not have demands and be so terse. Reclaim your happiness and real self back and share joy with others. I thought of little ways to be kinder, for example, speak softly, and sweet.

In order to do this, I picture a very soft spoken sweet girl Connecticut, that practically whispers while talking and never says anything bad. I got this ideal from an Amy Schumer comedy stand-up skit about fancy Connecticut friends.

Now, I am not that girl, nor could I ever pretend or act like that exactly. I am me. I am sweet, very kind, a bit sporty and a type A personality. However if I can just picture these extremities in my head, a more even balanced result will come about.

It’s actually quote funny, watch it below:
Fancy Connecticut Friends

Some people need some type of practice to clear their mind and get their day going, and to plan for their day. Or set a daily intention. For me it’s running. I’m alone, and can individually see the type of person I am, and want to be.

I strongly advice everyone to spend an hour alone with your thoughts before starting your day. Practice positive & productive mindful techniques within your head. Then have a better day than the one before.

You are who you represent, so make sure you represent yourself well, or in the ideal light. If you don’t like it. Set an intention to change it.

Basically, be a good person, see the change that needs to happen in the world and do your part.


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