3 Ways To Feel Great About Coming Home

“Home is where the heart is”; “an Englishman’s home is his castle.” These clichés are popular for a reason: we all want to ensure the houses we live in look as nice as possible, and are filled with the possessions that reflect our unique personalities. After a long day at work, we want to feel... Continue Reading →

Qualifies Men Want Most in a Woman

Here are some more defining features of a dream girl. A Dream Girl Has Boundaries A man cannot love or truly care for a woman unless he respects her, it just won't happen. And a man cannot genuinely respect a woman who will put up with anything. While in theory men would love to get... Continue Reading →

Running Intention

Before: Lacing up my shoes, I prepare myself for another run here in Maine. We are staying in Fernald Cove, today I am just going to run on my own in the street. As I run, I find myself setting daily intentions and playing scenarios in my head on how to have a good day,... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Refuses Position Change

Tim Tebow, looking for a job after being released by the New England Patriots, refused to change positions after an NFL team expressed interest in him, according to a report by Peter King of Sports Illustrated. The report didn't say which team approached Tebow. In addition to maintaining a strong desire to remain a quarterback,... Continue Reading →

Freud Is Keeping Me Up

I cannot sleep and I am reading about Sigmund Freud. Expect blog posts about Freudian discoveries and theories! All in the name of love towards a deeper understanding of how the human mind operates. Oh, me and my analytical mind. Photo Credits Graphic Art News Science vs Delirium Series

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