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3 Ways To Feel Great About Coming Home


“Home is where the heart is”; “an Englishman’s home is his castle.” These clichés are popular for a reason: we all want to ensure the houses we live in look as nice as possible, and are filled with the possessions that reflect our unique personalities. After a long day at work, we want to feel great about coming home.

While we might have similar tastes with friends in terms of interior design, furniture or specific manufacturers of electrical appliances, having the extra home details that reflect our personality is what makes our home feel special. When you first move into a property, it can feel very strange, especially if it’s a rented flat that has been furnished by the landlord. So what do you do to make it feel like “your home”? Add some of your own touches, of course.

Decorating is one of the best ways of sprinkling a touch of “you” on your home. It’s also important to get rid of the outdated styles that may have been there since you moved in or that you may have outgrown. That Power Rangers wallpaper in the kids’ bedroom? Might not be so relevant when your kids turn 15. If it doesn’t reflect your current state of mind, consider getting rid of it.

One great tip for giving your home a new lease of life is to update the flooring. You might have the original wooden floorboards that have been there since the house was built, or at least since you moved in, and they’re starting to wear just through age. Installing oak flooring is a great option because it offers both durability and style. You don’t necessarily have to get professionals to lay it for you, either. If you’re a bit of a DIY whizz, there are numerous flooring tools you can get to help lay your new floor and bring it back to life.

Another option is to put up new mirrors around your home. The reflections given off don’t just let you check your hair and make-up, but actually project extra light into the room and can even make it seem much larger.

If there’s one room in your home that always seems dark no matter what you try – new lighting, getting lighter furniture or changing the wallpaper every few months – then think about the actual colors, not the styles you go for. Lighter, neutral colors such as white or cream can provide extra light and give off the perception of increased space.

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a freelance writer and mother with a passion for home decor and improvement!

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Qualifies Men Want Most in a Woman


Here are some more
defining features of a
dream girl.

A Dream Girl Has

A man cannot love or truly
care for a woman unless
he respects her, it just
won’t happen.

And a man cannot
genuinely respect a
woman who will put up
with anything.

While in theory men would
love to get away with
everything, in reality, there
is nothing interesting or
appealing about that kind
of relationship and he will
either get bored or take
advantage of you.

A lot of women are afraid to
be firm in their convictions
because they don’t want to
seem demanding or needy
(which is funny because
only needy people
compromise on what they

Bending over backwards
for a guy and letting him
get away with treating
you badly because you
don’t want to seem like a
nag will guarantee more
bad behavior, and
eventually, it will take a big
hit on your sense of worth.

So figure out what you
want and what you won’t
compromise on. And don’t
be afraid to walk away
when he doesn’t give you
what you know you

It’s only when you’re not
afraid to walk away that
he’ll do anything to make
you stay.

A Dream Girl Brings Out
His Best

Okay this one is tricky, but
it’s a biggie. A lot of the
time, women get caught up
in turning a guy into what
they want him to be rather
than helping him become
his best self.

Men can sense when a
woman is trying to
change or control them
and it isn’t motivating, it’s
crippling and defeating.

It makes him feel like a
failure and as a result, he’ll
go in the opposite direction.

In any relationship, it’s
imperative to accept the
other person for who
they are, this means
embracing the good and
accepting the bad.

The worst thing you can do
is try and turn him into
what you need him to be. It
may sound crazy, but
women do this all the time,
I used to be one of them!

Let’s say you’re trying to get
him to be more emotionally
supportive, more sensitive,
more affectionate.

I mean, all these things are
great, but if you’re doing it
to feed your own ego
and to placate your own
fears, then he will feel
pressured and will go in
the opposite direction.

A dream girl doesn’t force
him to be anything, she
accepts him as he is and
since she is so accepting
and appreciative, he
becomes a better man and
a better boyfriend,
completely on his own.

A dream girl brings her best
self to the table and knows
by doing this, she will bring
out his best self.


A Dream Girl Looks Like

Women place greater
value connections and
relationships, men are
more focused on
achievement and success.

A man will always want to
invest in success, it’s a
universal that manifests in
many areas of a man’s life.

This is why men feel so
devastated when their
favorite sports team loses
and why they’re so
inexplicably exhilarated
when the team wins.

(I never understood this
one, I mean they’re not
being paid millions of
dollars to win the game, so
what do they care?!)

This also explains why
men seek physical
perfection in a partner way
more than women.

A woman can easily get
past looks and see who a
guy is within, we’ve all
seen or been in one of
those gorgeous girl and
average guy relationships.

This kind of thing doesn’t
come as easily to men
because they are
inherently oriented toward

This model can be used to
explain my men like
women with good bodies.
Think about it, a good
figure is a representation
of success on an external
level; it represents hard
work and results.

Does a dream girl need the
perfect figure? I mean, she
should take care of herself
and be healthy, but she
doesn’t need
Gisele Bundchen’s

A dream girl looks like
success, meaning, she
puts herself together and
carries herself in a strong
and confident way.

Let me paint a picture. Let’s
say you had a hard day,
one of those days where
you’re running around and
everything feels scattered.

Your boyfriend comes over
and you’re in your stained
sweats with your hair in a
disheveled mess and
makeup smudged from

You could have changed
but didn’t really want to
because you think looking
like a mess will earn you
more sympathy points
which is all you really want.

Will your boyfriend dump
you on the spot and run
away? No.

It’s just not exactly the
scenario he wants to
come home to because
it is in strong opposition
to his desire to invest
in success.

Plus, you want him to
empathize with you, not
pity you.

A dream girl puts herself
together because it makes
her feel good and it makes
her man feel significant.

When he feels significant,
he feels successful, when
he feels successful, he
feels inspired and
motivated to be at his best.

This isn’t just about the
physical. Men never
respond well when women
come at them from a place
of extreme emotion.

The most effective way to
deal with a man is always to
be calm, clear and objective.

Men listen to reason, not
. Remember this
and you’ll find conflict
resolution in your
relationship becomes

Alright, dream girls, that’s
all for now.


Sabrina Alexis, A New Mode

Running Intention


Before: Lacing up my shoes, I prepare myself for another run here in Maine. We are staying in Fernald Cove, today I am just going to run on my own in the street.

As I run, I find myself setting daily intentions and playing scenarios in my head on how to have a good day, for me and those around me. Just like yoga, running is a self practice that allows me to think clearly.


After: Feeling a good endorphin release and my runner’s high. Egg whites, toast & oatmeal, with some OJ were eaten to nourish my body. I am in a great mood & know that my daily intention was to be a kinder, more outgoing granddaughter, niece, and daughter. That was my intention. I thought as I was running, be more mindful of what you say. Do not have demands and be so terse. Reclaim your happiness and real self back and share joy with others. I thought of little ways to be kinder, for example, speak softly, and sweet.

In order to do this, I picture a very soft spoken sweet girl Connecticut, that practically whispers while talking and never says anything bad. I got this ideal from an Amy Schumer comedy stand-up skit about fancy Connecticut friends.

Now, I am not that girl, nor could I ever pretend or act like that exactly. I am me. I am sweet, very kind, a bit sporty and a type A personality. However if I can just picture these extremities in my head, a more even balanced result will come about.

It’s actually quote funny, watch it below:
Fancy Connecticut Friends

Some people need some type of practice to clear their mind and get their day going, and to plan for their day. Or set a daily intention. For me it’s running. I’m alone, and can individually see the type of person I am, and want to be.

I strongly advice everyone to spend an hour alone with your thoughts before starting your day. Practice positive & productive mindful techniques within your head. Then have a better day than the one before.

You are who you represent, so make sure you represent yourself well, or in the ideal light. If you don’t like it. Set an intention to change it.

Basically, be a good person, see the change that needs to happen in the world and do your part.

Tim Tebow Refuses Position Change


Tim Tebow, looking for a job after being released by the New England Patriots, refused to change positions after an NFL team expressed interest in him, according to a report by Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

The report didn’t say which team approached Tebow.

In addition to maintaining a strong desire to remain a quarterback, Tebow turned down an offer to play in the Canadian Football League. USA Rugby even came calling, King reported. The report also said that Tebow would return to the NFL only if given the chance to play quarterback.

Released by the Patriots on Saturday after struggling during the preseason, Tebow has said he will be in “relentless pursuit” of continuing his dream of being an NFL quarterback.

Tebow entered the NFL after a memorable college career at Florida that included two national championships. As a pro, he completed 47.9 percent (173 of 361) of his passes for 2,422 yards with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions while rushing for 989 yards and 12 scores. His finest moment as a pro came with the Broncos during a 2012 wild-card game against the Steelers when he threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas to win in overtime.

Resources news services | September 6, 2013

The Best & Worst Boston Accents in Movies



I’m flying to Boston today, to visit family. We are traveling from Boston to Maine and spending a week in Bar Harbor, which I will post about later.

I also am spending 4-5 days in Boston, which I will admit I am more excited about. I want to live there…completely on my own in my favorite city filled of Irish and Italians! Boston accents are on my list of top ten favorite things. They make me giggle, and smile. It’s a bit of a choppy, reinvented Irish accent with a touch sarcasm.

Check out the best & worst Boston accents in movies. My personal favorites are Jeremy Reiner in The Town, and Christian Bale in The Fighter.

Best & Worst Boston Accents in Movies