An Accomplished Weekend

This Saturday I did the second Orange Theory Fitness Dri Tri and placed 2nd again. I couldn’t beat Missy! She’s top 5 in the company…she’s just a great runner. I look up to her fitness abilities, she’s an inspiration. We then celebrated at The Wishing Well Irish Pub, that was so much fun! 🙂

Ain’t nothing but a fitness parttttaaayyy

Then, I woke up this morning, to go to HardKnox Sunday at CrossFit Fresh with Lululemon, and that was SO MUCH FUN!! Everyone is just so awesome & positive they all are so fit & beautiful! Super hot & fly! 😉 I met & networked with awesome Boca fitness people, including people who work at Lululemon. I’m going to an interview there this Wednesday! I really wanna get the job. Like I said, all the Lulu peeps are just so positive and healthy. It’s exactly where I want to be in life and will fit perfectly for where I wanna go.

I actually have been considering for a while now to become a trainer of some sort. Like a personal trainer, yoga, pilates, or barre instructor. Most likely personal training!! (Someone last night at the pub thought I was a trainer already at OTF)!

I want to tie everything all together with my BFA Graphic Design degree to become a fitness enthusiast, helping out by marketing health and wellness colleagues, i.e. trainers, coaches, instructors, nutritionist, athletes, etc.

I’m really excited about where my life is going, and I want to spread my love and light to the world. 🙂

Check out some pics below!










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