Keeping the dream alive

I am doing another Dri Tri this Saturday at Orange Theory Fitness in Boca. I actually placed second in the first Dri Tri. I want to place first in this one. I have been so overly excited for it. I have been preparing as much as possible by running, training, yoga, juicing, and practicing proper nutrition. I also started to intake BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids), and I tried a pre-workout this past Wednesday at Orange Theory. It was awesome – sorta kicked my butt, and I advise to anyone considering trying a pre-workout to know your facts. I went to Yin Yoga after (hip opening yoga), and it calmed me down. Then ate soup and salad at Whole Foods Market to soothe any reflux. Yes reflux – I experienced a bit of reflux from it because pre-workouts can cause ulcers if taken too heavily over time.

Again, I do not recommend any pre-workout to anyone unless you know what you are getting into and how to handle it within your own body.

This and a lot of other things in my life are coming together involving health, fitness, and happiness. I feel as if I am in pretty good shape, and only want to continue to improve. I will blog later about all the other aspects that are tying in together. I encourage those who dream, and want to achieve, to always, and I mean…

…ALWAYS keep the dream alive!



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