How are you fueling your tank?

Very factual article on how you are what you eat and how your body does not digest junk food properly.

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Which picture do you think most people are fueling their bodies with? The left or right? 

How do you like the images above? Pretty cool right….Well Yes and No. We all have heard of the term “You are what you eat” and it is a really true statement. The two pictures above really puts this saying into perspective. It took me a while to realize that the kinds of food that I ate either had a negative or positive effect on my health and physical performance. I’m not perfect, there are sometimes I will eat junk food when hanging out with close friends or if I am celebrating an occasion but I am sure to get back on track the next day.

Foods that are whole and natural are full of vitamins and nutrients that supply our bodies with energy and the fuel it needs for maximum performance, weight loss, and…

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2013 MTV VMA

Well, well, well…I just watched the MTV Video Music Awards.  Firstly, I would like to point out that it was filmed in Brooklyn, NY, which is a pretty smart move for MTV, especially right now, they’re keeping up with the hipsters all around. Of course they know what they are doing, MTV is amongst the inventors of  being “hip”. Secondly, the design was first class. Compared to past award shows,  some have not been as sophistically cool and clean-cut as this. And as if you didn’t know, I’m all about being sophistically cool and clean-cut. Now I am talking about the TYPOGRAPHY here.  Intrinsically the headers, and titles of each announced artists and song names.  A lot of this nice design style incorporated black and white photo imagery,  modern, fresh and new typography, usage of positive and negative space. For example, the spacing between the letters (or kerning for those who speak design), the picked out and mirrored reflecting letters, and more design elements, was to me what made this VMA one of the best put together ones. Good job MTV, good job. I respect this!


It was quite entertaining, and thanks to the phenomenal performances including, Kayne West, Justin Timblerlake ( with a special *NYSNC reunion), Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. I have to say that Justin Timberlake just is such an amazing performer.  Kevin Hart said post performance, “Justin Timberlake just killed it,” and he did. I have always been such a big fan of JT,  yet more so after went solo.  Justin is an icon of our generation. I love his voice, dancing, his acting, and of course most of all his attitude. He is just so comfortable in his own skin, and is not afraid to be who he is. Even if acts a little bit nerdy, or goofy, it’s just who he is, and it adds so very much to his attractiveness level. He knows it too. He’s confident and sexy, love you JT.


I did like also like the Kayne West opener, you gotta admit Mr. West is brutally good. I have seen him live once when he opened for Usher on tour. It was quite astounding how good his was, because he really is an artist that doesn’t need all the background noise or add on’s, and with just his rapping and talent shines. This opening act was especially good because it showcased just his silhouette against a wooded landscape background, as he moved, grooved, did his thing, and that was all he needed.


One artist I barely watched was Katy Perry. I’m sorry Katy, but you just are boring. You try too hard, and I never really was too big of a fan of you – and I did try to be. Believe me, I did. In my opinion, you’re a pretty and sweet girl, but you just need to give up, retire. After her song, Fireworks, I thought, this girl just needs to STOP. That song is just annoying to me, it’s too ballad-y. Much like this song she sang tonight. I can only tolerate hearing Fireworks in a remixed or mash-up version. I honestly, not offensively, think she cannot sing as well as other artists, especially Ariana Grande – man that girl can sing!

Alright, so enough with the negativity. I honestly don’t want to be negative, I just think the pretty Katy needs to give up. So let’s get positive and talk about my favorite girly of the night Ariana Grande! I just love her so much! She’s so super cute, classy, and polished. She’s got an adorable shy quality that I can relate to more than I can relate to Katy’s fake conversion of her negativity to positivity. Mainly because I just don’t like Katie’s style in general, and plus I can see straight through her and see that poor girl needs some help. But here’s some pics of the young, and beautifully talented Ariana Grande. I especially liked how Brooklyn High School was able to watch her performance for free on the red carpet, and she gave a very young girl free tickets. She’s just so super sweet!


I love her so much I am sure I will do more posts on her. Below are these pictures from her wearing a darling little floral dress with her overly sweet facial expressions.



Lady Gaga did a pretty decent performance, in my opinion shes’ on her way out. She’s had a very good career, and is considered a Madonna like artist, but it’s all really old, already been done before. Yet she did look absolutely fantabulous in her thong on stage! Work it GAGA.

Being a visual communicator, I understand that people like to see something new, fresh, and never done before. Gaga is a talented and she won’t go anywhere for while. But for her appearance at award shows and what not, I believe her over the top controversial days have been recored in history and are done. Although, it is apart of who she is, she may continue to play that role as an simply to entertain.

So, speaking of something new and fresh let’s go onto Miley, Miley, Miley. Miss Cyrus did an extraordinarily entertaining job.

She was hysterical, she had fun, having no shame in her game. Although, she’s so young and she was just winging it.

That’s what the people like to see, or at least talk about. Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. If people are talking about it, why not be about it? For the most part, well at least if you are a young pop star like Miley. She was introduced by some unknown girl, well unknown to me,  who acted like her, faking an accent and all, while sticking her tongue out. As she introduced the young pop star, the music started playing as Miley crept out of a huge “Ted” like Teddy bear. She took the stage in a crazy manner, sticking her tongue out, and acting absolutely obscene with teddy bear stage props. Yes Teddy bears! Everywhere! On the stage dancing, and they all seemed to have a drag, sort of depressed or intoxicated look. It was great. It was definitely something that has not been done before. Miley was rocking  her gluten-free diet body, in a furry leotard, and a PVC skin colored two piece.  She twerked and twerked hard as she performed her single, “We Can’t Stop.” She twerked even harder once performing alongside Robin Thicke who singing, the 2013 summer song “Blurred Lines,” the girl was twerking like she copyrighted the move. Not to mention tease Robin Thicke with a foam finger! Later reports state that Robin Thicke was disappointed and taken by surprise as he was uncomfortable being danced upon by the young pop star. Well, looks like Miley knows whats she’s doing. 


Move over Lady Gaga, this was your chance to come back into the spotlight after some time on hiatus, but looks like the new Queen of Obscene is now the once Disney Princess, Hannah Montana character, Miss Miley Cyrus. One of the most rememberable things about her performance is  is  how uninterested other celebrities looked in the audience.  So, congratulations Miley, you are awesome, you did it for your fans, for yourself, and not for your peer performing artists, or for anyone who doesn’t support you. Check out some of the funny headlines on the web post performance. Headlines also used as sources.

  1. Miley Cyrus Promises ‘Crazier’ VMA Moment Than Britney-Madonna Kiss‘It’s going be even crazier than the kiss,’ Miley says of her set at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards
  2. Gaga Who? Miley Cyrus Snatches Crown for Queen of Obscene at VMAs
  3. The 15 Weirdest And Craziest Moments From Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance
  4. Miley Cyrus VMA Performance Of ‘We Can’t Stop’ Hits MTV; Network Censors ‘Molly’ Lyric (VIDEO)

MileyBear mileyTwerk



Michel Abeles, 2012. Inkjet print mounted on board.

Rising young artists put together, “Test Pattern,” an exhibition opening at the Whitney in New York on August 22. We often fail to see the patterns around us, take a moment to stop and look. This method of realization, of looking at the endless patterns, designs, and textures surrounding us is being taught to young artists, such as myself. I found these few photos on W magazine’s website. Click the image to check them out and for further exhibition information.

“Test Pattern” is on view from August 22 – December 1 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 945 Madison Ave. New York.

Brooks Running Shoes

This post is about my beloved Brooks running shoes. Which ones I own, and which ones I am considering to get for my next big event(s). I have dedicated myself to two half marathons in 2014, and I’m sure other spontaneous races will arise, like 5k’s, 10k’s, and other fun run’s . I like to have at least two pairs of shoes, my oldies, my newbies, and perhaps a pair of hip looking Nikes just for weight lifting and Orange Theory Fitness workouts, as well as just kicking it in. LOL, well that means running around doing errands.

When choosing running shoes, it’s important to find your perfect fit. Category types are based on factors like arch height, running habits and body frame. – Roadrunner Sports


Women’s Brooks Glycerin 10



Boston, Winter 2011 at Great Boston Running Company 94 Derby St., Ste 213, Hingham, MA 02043

Accomplished events:

  1. Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2012 (time – 2.01.11)
  2. Green Turtle Gallop 10K Main Event 2012 (5th in my age group – [ran two fun races two weekends in a row prior & didn’t train].)
  3. Two Orange Theory Dri Tri, (placing 2nd – woohoo! Missy is hard to beat!)
  4. At least 100+ miles since February 2012


Okay, so this are my very first pair of Brooks running shoes, and I am fully sold on how well they help me perform. I was a participant apart of Team in Training (TNT), a specialized training program for people who are willing to run an endurance event while fundraising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). I raised $2,100, and it was not easy. I actually was more focused on the training aspect than fundraising, when all my teammates were the opposite and exceeded with their funds! Anyways, the reason why I decided to do TNT was because the blood cancer Lymphoma runs in my family. It has affected people close to me, including my twice survived Grandmother Mary Kelly. SHE IS MY ROCK. I look up to her for her strength, wisdom and her classy/proper way of living. She’s also very cutesy and adorable! Can you tell I get a lot of great traits from her – and my Aunt Eileen as well! 😉

So, it was December 2011, winter in Massachusetts, pretty and chilly outside. The entire family visits my Grammy’s house in a suburb outside of Boston, it’s an annual family tradition. We always go to a nice little restaurant called Summer Shack in Derby Shoppes in Hingham. While everyone else enjoyed fried clams, I chose a nice healthy dish of salmon or some type of light fish and veggies. Nearby was a fine-looking running store called Great Boston Running Company, so after dinner my father and I decided to check it out. And what do you know? Groupon was offering a $50 coupon worth of running apparel or shoes, for only $25 – so ultimately we saved $25. I said “we” because my father decided to buy me a nice pair of running shoes as an Xmas gift, and for my TNT endurance event, which to be held on January 12, 2012 a Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.

I went in there, and there were two people working, a male and female. They both were runners. Serious runners. It was good to actually talk to people who were passionate about their profession and knew what they were selling! I was asked some questions, and told to run. They looked at me to configure the type of runner I am by checking out my stride and foot placement. It came to the conclusion that I have a normal arch, even balanced, and I definitely am a forefoot runner. Then they picked out a few pairs of shoes for me to try, and luckily these were one of them because I really liked the appearance of them. Now Brooks shoes have this sort of technology that enables the cushion to form to your foot, and as your pound on it while running, it does not flatten. It actually sort of stays pretty stable, and keeps a decent cushion, that forms to the method you run. Which is very unlike other shoes I have run with, like Asics and DEFINITELY Nike – both lost their shape and cushion after heavy usage.

Continuing on…I know the new and updated Glycerin’s will MORE than suffice – I really do swear up and down upon them. But I also have listed a few other Brooks I like. Note: category type is quoted from


Women’s Brooks Glycerin 11



Category Type:

If you have a high arch, are a high-mileage runner, or want the maximum amount of cushioning, Neutral+ is your shoe style. Enjoy a smooth ride with enhanced cushioning and reduced impact with improved shock absorption. If pronation is not a problem then choose Neutral+ shoes

Women’s Brooks Ravenna 4


Although I have had a successful experience with the Glycerin 10, and most likely will stick with this model. I did the Shoe Dog test on and it came up with this awesome shoe below! I LOVE IT! It’s just so sick! LOL yes I just said sick. Or ill, fresh, dope, hip. May be for my birthday I’ll get them on September 16th, if I decide this are them. I do not know yet because according to the video on Roadrunner’s site, they are more of a light weight and glove-like fit shoe. I tend to like more cushioning, and all that jazz.

Category Type:


Runners with average arch height looking for a blend of cushioning and support can’t go wrong with Stability shoes. Get a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off. Enjoy a well-guided stride and perfect arch support to keep you going for miles.

Women’s Brooks Trance 12


AND…I also like these too! Although I’m more girly & polished like the Glycerin design or hip & happening like the Ravenna’s, these are pretty cool too. They are a little bit pricier, and for a reason, watch the video on for the shoe’s features. I may even like this more in person, because the of the colors. I love dark grey, white, purple and pink, and especially that pink sole! By the performance and build of these shoes may just be what I need.

Category Type:

STABILITY+ Get the guidance and support you need to keep you running strong and feeling stable mile after mile. If you have an average arch but like extra cushioning and support, Stability+ shoes are your perfect pick.

Help me decide which shoe to buy! Check out the videos and more specs on