You are a magnet. What you think, you become. What you fear, you attract. What you want, you get. What you can imagine, you can create. What you see in your mind, you can hold in your hand. With powers like these, you must be careful.

via Magnet — Cristian Mihai


The Yearning

South San Francisco

I love it here.

It’s the cold air feeling that comes from your bedroom window.

It’s being stuck in traffic for nearly 4 hours, just to see you.

It’s the way you sit next to me, I can feel you want me to touch you.

It’s how you did that on our first date and I couldn’t help myself from kissing you at the train station.

It’s the way your lips look; pouty, beautiful and kissable.

It’s the way you hold in my bed, with me as the inside spoon and your legs wrapped around me.

It’s the look you give me in the dark.

It’s your trustworthy eyes.

It’s your kind soul.

It’s the acceptance of me, allowing my to relax and be real.

It’s the smell of your sheets.

It’s the time spent together.

The time spent apart.

It’s the yearning that keeps us coming back.

It’s the calm, mysterious ways we flow.



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